Monday, 18 March 2013


Huffle woke me before he went to work "only Smallest is up, Small is still asleep - will you be able to get up?". oh okay then. I checked on Small, he was still fast asleep. I didn't wake him straightaway as I figured he probably needed the extra sleep. I made his lunch and prepared breakfast. He still wasn't up by 7:45 so Smallest and I crept into his bedroom. He had just woken and was looking very sleepy. He was very very grumpy (don't know where he gets that from?). He will definitely be having an early night tonight. He went off with such bad attitude I told him to leave it at school! Honestly, one week off - they need school!

Today is LizzieDotDots birthday (she hadn't told me, Skype told me - have you noticed it does that now. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZIEDOTDOT.

Smallest had a very very bubbly bath in the morning and I took advantage and painted the skirting (baseboards) in the loft and then did the window surrounds. I had to run down to the bathroom every now and then though to put cold water in, hot water, find toys, find goggles, put bubbles on, and turn them off when they started to take over the bathroom.

Once I had cleared up the painting stuff, dried Smallest and cleared up the bathroom, it was time for lunch. Smallest helped me and we skyped Moo. We chatted for about an hour and then I went to get my lunch and she went to get her tea. I briefly skyped LizzieDotDot.

Smallest and I played Ice Hockey - he beat me. Though he did say I was getting better. He told me that if I practice and practice I can only get better. I'm sure I told him that yesterday!!!

We started a new puzzle. It's a hard one with 1000 pieces. We did the outside and then stopped for a while. Smallest played on the IPad and I blogged.

I did a bit of ironing whilst waiting for Small to come home. He came home in a much better mood. Once his homework was done, he played on the computer with Smallest watching. I made dinner and did some more jigsaw.

Huffle came home. We all had dinner. It started snowing really heavily. This is the 3cm we were promised.


I drove to the Garden Club and picked up Mrs Royal on the way. Tonight's talk was about Vegetable Growing. I will tell all tomorrow if there is anything to say.

Three lots of visitors now booked to come here between now and Summer:-

We are a bit worried that this snow might still be here when Grandma and Grandad get here. Oh oh, Grandma doesn't like snow.







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