Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Never use a dirty stick on a kettle whistle

It was supposed to be 3* (positive) today but it was certainly much colder than that! The boys and I had a slow start to the morning with them helping me to make breakfast and clear away again. They played on the IPads while I knitted and finished off Smallest's Angry Bird and Pig.

Last night, Small had a lot of trouble getting to sleep, in fact he was still awake when we went to bed and came down and watched TV with us for a while. So today, I decided to get them out and make them tired! Off we headed for the Park at the Beach. On the way we stopped for dinner at a breakfasty place that always serves far too much. The kids said they were very hungry. Smallest had his usual bacon and eggs and Small had a cheeseburger. I had a lovely broccoli, Potato and Cheese soup.

After everyone had eaten too much and left just a little, we drove to the beach. OMG, it was freezing. The wind was blowing right in our faces. I only had on my fingerless gloves and my fingertips were falling off. I didn't wear a hat and my hood keep blowing down. However, I made the kids scoot for a few miles (they were well wrapped up) into the wind, along the road and into the woody bit.

They scooted off on their own at top speed and then every now and then scooted back to me to check if we had gone far enough. oh No, I sent them further on, briefly skyped Moo and carried on until I could stand it no longer. We then turned around and went back in the opposite direction.

It was bleak and wintry and the waves were huge.

We had to stop a few times to pick up one of us that had fallen, or because of a stick we particularly liked or because we found a log with a hole in it. Of course, I had to stop a few times to take a photo of something fabulous.

A tree trunk that looked like nostrils...........two Canada Geese taking flight (I didn't make them fly honestly!).........the roof of a building - hope it doesn't rain!.........and the bridge we crossed.


The boys scooted ahead of me to the point that I wasn't sure if they were in front or had gone a different way, so I stopped a lady and asked if she had seen two scooting kids. She had, phew. They started to scoot towards me eventually complaining that some other kids had been calling them 'Grinch, grinch, grinch' and getting too close to them. Small said he wanted to punch them when they were bothering Smallest (which is kind of nice but not the right thing to do!) and Smallest told them to 'go away'. I walked up to the park with them and looked at the kids and said "have you got something to say?" One of them said "I didn't say anything, I didn't, No I didn't say anything". They all ran away. They did come back later but none of them spoke! Silly children!

The boys played on the park for a while but it was bitterly cold so after about an hour, we came away, discussing who we were going to bring here when it was warmer and how much water we were going to squirt at them on the Water Park when it was hot! We drove home and just as we parked in the drive, we heard the train coming. We walked along to the train crossing because I wanted to get a photo of it close up. It was really loud and very close - the train driver waved at us and honked.

It was even colder so we walked back, collected the post and came inside to get warm with Hot drinks. We skyped LizzieDotDot as Small wanted to speak to his friend Bomberdill but he was at cubs so Small said he would ring them another day. I had a chat with LizzieDotDot which was nice and I took her into the loft and we chatted about holidays and knitting. I skyped Grandma and Grandad from the loft. Grandma insisted it was colder there than here (PAH!) and she had her blanket around her (because I had my blanket round me). She said Grandad wouldn't let her have the fire on!

The boys were playing downstairs and I thought they were being nice. Later on, I found that they were playing with the Kettle Whistle and putting it on the end of a stick. When I came to look for the end of the kettle, the story came out because the lid was under the table. We made them write in their journal about it. Pair of stoopid's!!!! They denied everything at first but once we said they couldn't go to LegoLand if we don't find out the truth, they spilled the beans.

This is what Smallest wrote. Small wrote about the fact that you can get germs from putting a stick in the end of the kettle and it might make you poorly!

Small ironed his Cubs Neckerchief in order to finish the last of his Family Help Badge.

Smallest and I cleared up the Sun Room (the other day it was as warm in there as the house), however it is now bitterly cold in there again. But it is tidier and we found the ice hockey game. So we had a few games until Huffle came home.

Huffle and I made Paella for our dinner while the boys had their tea. After their sandwiches and toast, they had jelly, angel delight and strawberries.

Huffle exercised while Small read, Smallest and I blogged (Small and Smallest have written three posts recently and Smallest is upset because no-one comments and he doesn't think they read it).

It has started snowing again. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


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Aunt Pear said...

I checked their blog a couple of weeks ago but not since, oops. A year on and the days off seem so calm and 'normal' , think you've cracked it. x Ps. Nice photos.