Friday, 8 March 2013

Our estate agent was on telly

The other night, Huffle and I watched 'Phil Spencer Secret Agent'. It was based in a small village not too far from where we lived and the Estate Agent was the one who sold our house.

The sun was out today, it was certainly warmer. A very springlike day. Still lots of snow about but the sky and clouds were lovely.

Huffle went off to work leaving me and the boys at home. Today is a PA day, followed by next week being March Break (a week off). After breakfast, I carried on moving things back into the loft and Small tidied his bedroom. Smallest did a puzzle. We all got ready and went to my Knitting Group. They sat very nicely playing on the IPads whilst I started a brand new project. It should have been a yarn hop today (we travel around various towns going into wool shops with special discounts just for the day), no-one ended up going. However the lady who owns the shop we go to, had huge baskets full of wool for just 50c per 100g - Bargain! I bought a few bits.

We came home, had lunch, the boys watched TV and then I made a Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni for dinner. I carried on cleaning, moving and organising while the kids played on the computer and the Wii, in between doing small jobs for me.

mrCash and MrDuck came round and broke our light in the computer room! It wasn't working properly and I asked them to check it, and it broke. We need to get a new one and they will fit it for us. I went and did a bit of knitting in my new craft room while the boys played and then use all went off to swimming.

Small passed his level 7 and Smallest almost passed his Level 4. I have signed them up for the next lessons. They have a week off.

When we got home, Huffle was there with our Cannelloni all cooked. Smallest didn't like it. The rest of us loved it.

We all helped to build Small's shelves that I broke last week. I have been spending all week glueing and clamping each individual piece of wood. We put it together (the boys lost interest after one piece) and it all seemed secure, we turned it over and nailed upon the back and turned it around and it started to fall apart again. So we put it together and glued it GOOD! We are leaving it in the kitchen all glued until the morning when we will attempt to move it to Small's room. If it doesn't make it in one piece, it is being stored for firewood.

Huffle and I got to play a quick game of Table Tennis and then the boys went to bed.



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