Friday, 29 March 2013

Soooooo Tired

We have worked so hard today, we are too tired to write. So in pictorial fashion, here is our day.

Making Pass the Parcel

The cake gets mixed


Some pigs got made

More cakes to make

Ooh chocolate ones


Cake is done

Small makes flapjack

More pass the parcel

Boys decorate cakes, Huffle makes (and eats?) icing

Characters made


Melted Chocolate


Pleased with his results

built the birds platform
...and a box of TNT
Put King Pig in place
Built some structures

Put it all together


The cake was finished

Added some Easter Decorations in and around the house
Sat outside in the sunshine

Had a five minute rest

Put up the bunting

We also cleaned, cleared and tided the sun room. Swiffed, mopped, dusted, de-cobwebbed, cleaned EVERYWHERE. Then baths and showers were had. Pizza eaten. Boys to bed. Presents wrapped.




Aunt Pear said...

HAYPPY BIRTHDAY SMALLEST.. HAVE A BRILLIANT DAY. Lots of love, Aunt Pear, Unc Pear, HB and Cousin Pest xxxx

Sarah Tomson said...

Happy birthday smallest hope you have a fabtastic day!

Love the cake :-)


k hutch said...

What a clever family you are, gorgeous cake!

Happy Birthday Smallest - Hope you have a fab one, Aunty Snow xx