Saturday, 16 March 2013


More snow in the night and a bit more this morning. Still cold, still minus figures. We breakfasted, the boys played on the computer while I crafted and finished my socks and organised the loft a bit more. Huffle painted and sanded and cleared up his mess.

We played Monopoly Millionaire Deal, finished three jigsaws, played Table Ice Hockey and Table Tennis. Mid afternoon we were contemplating going out as the kids were bored.

Then Small's friend Cog rang to see if he wanted to go there - he was bored too. Huffle drove him there and came back and we played a few more games and started to make pizza for dinner. Small rang and asked if they could come back here and play so Cogs mum brought them round. They wanted to have a sleepover and it was agreed that Small would sleepover at Cogs after pizza and a film here.

The three boys (cog is there somewhere)

Cog chose the film - soccer Mom - it was awful and the boys cleared off outside after about half an hour to play in the snow. When they came back in they decided they wanted to go back to Cogs. Huffle dropped them off while Smallest and I played Scrabble. Cogs mum will ring me in the morning.

Smallest, Huffle and I played more ice hockey then Huffle and I played Table Tennis while Smallest got ready for bed. It is very strange not having Small here. This is the first sleepover he has had since we have been here. He used to have a problem going to sleep without me being here, but I think he's over it now. I just realised he didn't take 'Larry' with him, his sleep toy from almost birth (cousinE gave it to him when he was a baby). Is he trying to look like a big boy or did he forget?

Huffle and I finished off our Table Tennis games 1 me him 2 - yeah, had a cup of tea and watched TV. Last night we watched Elementary- love it and the first in the new series of Celebrity Juice - very very funny. Tonight we are going to look to see if we can find Living La Vida Lemon.


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