Saturday, 2 March 2013

How Much?

There was a bit of a thaw last night which has resulted in lots of slippery paths and drives. I had a good swiff of the loft and a bit of a mop just to see how it looked all clean - the floor comes up a treat. After a croissant breakfast, a number of emails regarding who is coming to stay next and for how long and when, and a Skype to Grandma and Grandad, we all went out to look for Snow Boots for Huffle and Small and some essentials for the weekend.

The first shop we went in had nothing but we did get some varnish for the stairs. Next we stopped in at the hairdressers and the boys got their hair cut.

Bear in mind their hair needs washing. Smallest has smoothed his down considerably (it's still curly but don't tell him).

After a bit of a food shop we made our way to the Mall (sorry Grandma, but that's just what it is called). The boys had Burgers and I had a Greek thing. We looked for boots but didn't have a lot of luck until we went in the last shop. I bought some Snow Boots for Huffle for his birthday and we nearly bought some for Small but decided against it in the end as they were very expensive and would only be for a month or so. We have decided to let him carry on wearing the various boots he already has and get him a new pair before next Winter.

We came home and picked up Small's friend and then went to see if Smallest's friend was free to play. We ended up with four children. While they played, Huffle and I had a cup of tea. Small and Mac played on the Wii, table tennis, on the computer and out in the garden and a quick game of Downfall. Smallest and OB1 played in Smallest's bedroom, three games with Huffle and I, table tennis, Lego. Both the boys friends got to say Hello to Grandad as we spoke to him briefly on Skype.

OB1, Smallest and Grandad's Easter Eggs

Their friends were here for about 3 1/2 hours and then their parents came and fetched them. The boys had their tea and we finished watching a film we started last week. It was Hugo based on the book Hugo Cabret - we can definitely recommend it. It was very good. It had a brief appearance by Jude Law - phrooooooaaawww. The boys went to bed and Huffle and I watched a film.


Grandma and Grandad have booked their trip here and are due in April. Right, better get that list ready for Grandad.


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Aunt Pear said...

Was with Grandma yesterday to hear the good news they are booked to come in a few weeks. We had Cousin E's birthday cake (very nice) and sang Happy Birthday and Grandad blew out candles, then apparently it was Cousin D's turn for his birthday, albeit a touch early by some 8 months!