Monday, 11 March 2013

The rain in England falls mainly in Canada

I had a nice lie-in this morning. Didn't even hear Huffle go off to work. The boys even got up late. Small and Smallest helped to make breakfast. Small is trying to get his cooking badge and Family Help badge. The boys did jobs in between playing on the Computer and IPad. We all made Chocolate Chip Flapjack. I had a workout whilst watching two episodes of HIMYM, then a shower. The boys played nicely together.

We skyped Moo and while we were talking it started to snow there.

It wasn't settling but it was big flakes. My favourite photo, below, from the Telegraph (reminds me of home).

After my shower, I tried to clear some more stuff from our bedroom. The bedroom is feeling bigger by the day now. Small made dinner (lunchtime) and we had Jacket Potatoes, Sausages, English Beans and Cheese. It was yummy. Lunchtime is the best time for Smallest to eat at the moment as by 5pm he is off to bed (though that wasn't the case tonight). He seems much better today but I can tell from the way he talks that his throat is not right. We got him gargling salt water last night and he said he would do it again tonight. We discussed what goodies we need bringing over. The boys are starting to make a list.

Small made two jellies and Smallest made two Angel Delights. Both the boys had baths and entertained each other which left me free to organise some more. I moved the mattress from our bed, so no more sleeping like a princess on the oversized bed! I had to wait till Huffle came home before we could move it upstairs (and NO! grandad, I did not get squashed between the wall and the mattress this time!). Our bedroom is now huge and clear.

Huffle came home, the boys had their tea. Small made himself scrambled Egg on toast again and Smallest helped me make a cheese sandwich for himself.

It has rained all day here, the snow is starting to disappear and huge pools of water are lying around.

Huffle and I played Table Tennis - I WON THE FIRST GAME. Then we had a few more games before the kids went to bed.


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