Sunday, 17 March 2013

Grandma Patrick Hall

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA for today on St. Patrick's Day (That's why her middle name is Patrick!!)


Smallest woke twice last night. Once because he thought he had had an 'accident' but I told him he hadn't. He got really cross with me and kept pulling at his trousers - he was sooo convinced he was wet! He wasn't but I let him change his trousers and he went back to bed, though he said he definitely would not be able to sleep - he did! He woke again early morning, this time he had had an accident. Not sure what is going on there - I know he wasn't happy about Small being away from home. Bless.

We got up, had breakfast. Huffle cleaned and tidied the computer room and put everything back after his painting. Smallest got himself ready and then played on the IPad and computer. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what I did this morning. It's been a long day. We skyped Grandma and sang beautifully to her. I rang Cog's mum and told her we were going out and she brought Small home. He had had a fabulous time. He slept in the basement on the huge sofa with Cog and the big boxer dog in between them!!! Ummmmmmmmmm. They were very good and well behaved apparently. While Huffle and I got ready to go out, the boys played on the IPads. I think they had missed each other, though it wasn't long before the battles and bickering began.

We got in the car and drove a long 80+km (1.5 hours) to Peterborough (which is strange as this is a town near where we used to live, except they pronounce it Peterberroh). We passed Port Perry and saw the huge lake from a different angle to normal.

This road seemed to go on forever, straight and long.

Finally we got there. We wanted to see the lift on the canal as it is quite famous, however, we were so hungry we parked the car and headed straight for a cafe called 'Speakeasy'. It was very good and very quick. We didn't realise but Peterborough was also famous for its St Patricks Day Parade. We were sitting in the warmth of the cafe but still able to watch part of the parade. In the end we went outside and watched it properly. It was funny. I had been texting NoCustard today as she is in Ireland and had also been to a St. pats parade. We sent her a photo of the one we saw.

The cafe owner gave us some stickers to wear.


It was also very very bitterly cold. We tried to walk to the lift but my map kept telling me the wrong Direction so we got in the car and found it. The canal was frozen over and the locals were playing ice hockey on it. We walked along the canal to the lift and then up it and in parts of it. It obviously wasn't working today because the water was all ice. But we said we would Definitely come back when it warmed up a bit.

I think the kids thought it was a bit like a castle.

The boys loved hiding in all the different parts of the building and we walked up and over to the other side. Still bitterly cold, we made our way back to the car with promises of ice cream on the way back as we were in Kawartha country - home of Kawartha ice cream.

Half way back we found the ice cream place we spotted on the way there. We stopped. The boys all had one, too cold for me. I had a coffee and a beautiful Raspberry Coconut Butter Tart. Yum!

We drove home. The boys played outside on their scooters for a while.


Huffle cooked the chicken we should have had today (sandwich chicken now!) and I went down the bottom of the garden to take photos - really!

Remember our snow indicators, Cyril and Ducky? Well this is Cyril's head. I call this photo CYRIL EMERGING. No sign of Ducky yet. Huffle tells me we have more snow on the way - just another 3cms so I guess Cyril will be hidden again tomorrow! Oh maaaan!

Everyone came in, got warm and the boys played ice hockey while Huffle and I put tape all around the floor of the loft so I could start painting the skirting boards (baseboards) tomorrow.

The kids had tea, TV and then bed. Not heard a peep out of them, we must have worn them out. Huffle and I played Table Tennis and then watched another episode of Keith Lemons Reality Show (funny) and Touch while eating and drinking our tea.




Aunt Pear said...

Wonder why so many countries celebrate St Patricks Day, but Not others, like St. George's, or is it that the Irish seem to know how to party better?

Anonymous said...

That looks like a good impromptu day out. Winter is doing what it should be doing to be honest. Those 30C degree days last March were NOT typical! Remember, we had an EF3 tornado whip through here on March 15th last year, this year we keep getting snow and it can hardly stay above freezing!


famfa said...

We were wondering the same thing yesterday. Huffle said his office WILL be celebrating st George's this year!!

famfa said...

It just seems so long and cold. I'm hoping summer makes up for it x