Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beans, Beans , Beans.

A beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the positive. Wahooooo. We all got up early is morning. Possibly the sunlight shining through the windows. Huffle and I moved Small's shelves before we even had breakfast. They stayed together well and are now in situ. Small and I filled the shelves with his books and Lego.

Small made me and him Scrambled Egg on Toast (as learnt at Cubs) - it was very nice.

He was very pleased with himself. Not to be outdone, Smallest made Huffle's porridge.

The boys had showers and baths, did a bit of tidying and then played on the IPad while Huffle painted the Computer Room. I filled in some holes, made a cake for tonight (off to British Ladies Pot Luck Dinner), had a shower and then made Pizza. The boys did a bit more tidying.

I visited the Beer Store for a bottle of wine.

I finished my cake......

...and then made a smaller one for my little lovelies left at home.

The boys played on the Wii after doing a sterling job of clearing their toys up in the basement. Huffle tidied his mess from painting - he has done a wonderful job.

Smallest, late afternoon, suddenly went all tired and pale and ended up going to bed about 5pm. He was hot but said he was cold and had a sore throat. After about an hour he got up and cuddled Huffle. I went out to my Ladies Night. I didn't blog last night because I didn't get in till 4am (the clocks went forward so it was really only 3am). I put my phone on silent and Huffle was texting me to check I was okay. Silly me, I didn't realise it til gone 1:30am.

The night was fabulous. I met some lovely people. The food was all British. We had a massive crock pot full of Beans (11 tins apparantly), Yorkshire pudding with beef, steak and kidney pie, chips and curry sauce, leek and potato soup, egg sandwiches, my cake, sherry trifle, party rings, battenburg, lemon meringue tart. There were people from Wales, Scotland, Nuneaton, Cornwall, Birmingham. I'm struggling to remember too much because Im tired.

I came home, went to bed and then Smallest sat and shouted from his bed HELP HELP. His lamp wasn't working!!!! He said he was worse, but he went back to sleep.



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