Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring has Sprung

It had snowed again in the night, not too much. The sun room window had sparkly icy snowflakes on the inside. The sun was shining and making the snow sparkle too. Small went off to school.

Lots of cleaning was done today. Smallest had a bath, I had a shower. Then there was scrubbing, dusting, disinfecting, swiffing, sweeping, washing and drying. We changed all the beds and re-made them. Smallest had a go at writing his letters and numbers.

The tongue in the side of the mouth showing real concentration!

He did really well. He wrote his numbers up to 26 and everytime he got one wrong, he started from 1 again. We were laughing through most of it. I think we managed to get in a bit of lunch, a bit of TV, some jigsawing, some computer and a 3km jog on the Eliptical. I got on the scales this morning and I had suddenly lost 1.5 stone. I was amazed until I realised there was a candle (not sure why a candle) underneath the scales - maaaan. It was nice while it lasted. However, I have put on weight. I can't stop eating!!!!!

When Small came home we walked and scooted to the corner shop (about a 1km away). Of course, as soon as we started walking, the snow started, then it came down some more, then it was like a blizzard. Luckily it didn't last too long. The boys had to scoot on the road because the paths aren't clear yet. So I had to shout, "quick get in, okay time to get back on, oh no, back in again". It was tricky. We picked up our parcel (that was the reason for going there, and the reason we walked is because I've put on weight and I can't stop eating - see its all related, I'm not just idly waffling!).

There was a lot of photo opportunities......

Lots of sit-ins.........

Lots of scootering...

Thank you Grandma, we got our packages. One was left in the mailbox and one was left at the Corner Shop (both the same size and we were in all day!!!!). And then, when we got in, it started snowing again, really heavily, but again, just for a short time. It wasn't as cold today.

I know I show a lot of photos of the Barn, and the reason for this is because the snow shows up against the dark wood, plus I really like the barn and it kind of dominates our back garden view.

Well it is the first day of Spring. Which reminds me, Smallest got changed after his bath and shouted down to me "I'm putting a tee-shirt on because it is Summer now". NO SMALLEST, SPRING! oh yeah, well warmer anyway". I WISH!

Small did his homework while Smallest and I made meatballs. Then they both played on the computer.

Huffle came home. We all ate dinner. The boys went up to clear away the train track and Huffle and I played Table Tennis. I won one - yay! I crept upstairs while the boys were clearing, as they seemed to be taking a very long time, this is the conversation I heard.

Smallest : we just don't have to play with the train track ever again Small, and then Mummy will never know!

Small : but isn't that lying to Mummy? do you want to do that?

I came in and said "well do you want to lie to me". Their faces were a picture. Small had thrown a wooden house and the roof had fallen off. Smallest thought he could just put it away and hide it. I used the line "I'm very disappointed" and went back downstairs. Smallest came down about ten minutes later and said he was very sorry. I cant believe he was prepared to NEVER play with the train track again rather than tell me they had broken a small piece.

The kids watched TV and went to bed.


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