Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bubbles, Alice and Hot Ribena

Huffle and I watched another Mad Men episode last night. Was that really how men behaved in the 50's/60's? Oh boy, I don't think I'd have got on well then. Far too outspoken.

Some more snow has disappeared, it is starting to go from around the house. The sun was out again today. Temperatures around 4*, it is staring to warm up for Grandma and Grandad's visit.

Small went off to school. Just two more days before he has four days off for Easter (including the weekend).

He loves kicking at the snow and ice, gradually breaking it all up.

Smallest played on the computer while I had my breakfast and blog hopped. Then while I cleaned the bathrooms, he had a bath, watched a bit of Alice in Wonderland with his Hot Ribena. Honestly, my kids are creatures of habit. I once let Small have a Film and a hot drink in the bath because he wasn't feeling very well, since then, they demand a bath with a film and a hot drink. (They don't always get it though - but it did give me time to have my shower and do some cleaning!). They get it from Huffle. I would much rather have a shower and then maybe a coffee afterwards - not at the same time. Which is just what I did next, after leaving a message for Moo to contact me - knitting problem!

Smallest read a magazine yesterday where they had the recipe for gingerbread (even though my gingerbread is the best in the world - so Smallest says) so today we made some. We didn't put Cinamon in because I hate it (though I guess that's a good reason for using it, so I don't eat it!). We did a good job. Smallest had his lunch and then we decorated them.

We made quite a mess.

He wants to take them into school tomorrow for his class for his birthday. I'm sure MrsW will be over the moon when she sees all the icing and sugar!! We have have two boys cancel for Smallest's birthday. We asked him if he wanted to add another two instead but he said "No it's okay, I don't mind". His four favourite kids will be there plus Small who he is desperate to be there, and his Daddy of course.

He then played on the IPad while I got some crochet done in the SunRoom, not so much sunshine this afternoon but still warm enough to sit in there comfortably. We skyped Grandma until Small came home. It started to snow briefly and then the sun came out and the grey sky disappeared. Strange! Small gave us a rendition of Old MacDonalds Farm on his recorder - ouch, it was lovely!

The boys played on the IPads, set the table and then Small did his homework (which he neglected to say was needed tomorrow!!!!) while Smallest grated some cheese and blended our soup.

Ummmmm Butternut Squash

Huffle came home. He helped Small with his homework. Small was told that he could not go to Cubs until his homework was done. He did it once and I marked it and made him do several parts again. Huffle checked it over and helped him to understand what was needed. He did some more but it was badly written and the spelling was atrocious. He used to be such a beautiful writer and speller.

While Huffle and Small argued about whether he should go to cubs or not, Smallest and I blogged (he has done a blog post - please read it). Small did go in the end but he has work to do tomorrow morning and no computer or IPad tomorrow at all!

Smallest, Huffle and I played Wii Mario Kart as a team and we won, after Huffle sorted out the remotes. Then while Smallest brushed his teeth and got ready for bed, Huffle and I snook in a couple of TT games.

Huffle went to get Small from Cubs. Today they had designed Kub Kars. It is very Scouty Canadian apparantly. (Correct me if I am wrong please!). It was a piece of wood that he has drawn all over and brought home some wheels to nail on. He can whittle it into a car shape if he wants!!

Both boys in bed. Teapot and gingerbread on the coffee table. Snuggled up in a blanket (well I am) in front of Phil Spencer. C'mon Phil, see if you can sell a house today haha!




Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Love Kirsty and Phil!

butlersabroad said...

Hot Ribena in the bath! I'll have to try that. Our snow has all gone now and we actually had some sunshine yesterday!