Saturday, 30 March 2013


4:50 am when Mr Raccoon rifled through our dustbin outside our bedroom window. 'Nope, nothing in there' he sighed and off he went. Bloody Hell, we are awake now and we can hear that Sump Pump working overtime as the snow melts!!!!!

7:30 am Small and Smallest arrive in our bedroom announcing "IT'S BIRTHDAY TIME". We hid under the covers and then jumped out singing Happy Birthday. Then Smallest started to open his presents. First the ones from us.

A bean bag.......some tops.....a wrestling ring........a wrestler...........a angry bird and pig........

Then he opened his present that Moo had left, a pig book, some tops, an electric toothbrush where's Waldo book and a Club Penguin Card.

Then he opened all his cards where we found Noisy balloons.

Next were the packages that came through the post.

Walkie Talkies, Moustache Cake Cutters (yes you read right - wait till we use them then you will understand!). Books (still to look at and explore). Grandma skyped and 'sang' happy birthday.

Carnage after presents were opened

Breakfast was croissants and Pain au Chocolat. Then all got changed and started to prepare for the party. The boys actually hid in their bedrooms playing IPad while Huffle and I rushed around like mad idiots.

The first person to arrive was Al, bearing a huge present bag which was deposited on the table. His Mum left him to it. Smallest and Al explored the house whilst waiting for the next person to arrive, which was MadM, they too ran upstairs and his Mum left him. MissK and Ew arrived next, both with their dads, who incidentally have the same names. The dads stayed. They were really nice. A and T came next, their Mum left too.

Pass the parcel started. Small took charge, Huffle played and stopped the music. Forfeits were read and done, sweets were eaten and saved.

Then we played Shoot The Raccoon. Two pictures (coloured in nicely by Small and Smallest first thing), taped to the outside of the sun room window and they tried to shoot the Nerf gun at the Raccoons. However the guns didn't work well (Think we need new bullets) so we played Musical Statues instead, then Musical Bumps, another pass the parcel and lunch. Some of the kids didn't eat sandwiches! One only ate dry crackers! Most ate cake and all had ice cream. What's Jelly? Is it the same as Jello? No of course it isn't.

Cake came out, Happy birthday was sung, candles blown out. More Musical bumps and then Musical find your bit of paper. Very competitive. Some sulky kids who don't like to lose. Prizes won and given out.

Smallest sat and opened his presents and his guests chose what he should open next.

A remote controlled buggy, a physics kit, Lego, a football (not a soccer ball), game, ISpy game.

Everybody went down into the basement. There were four playing Table football, four playing table Tennis, two playing Table Hockey, one on the Eliptical - well that's more than we had there. I watched on. They played so nicely down there.

At 1pm (when we said the party finished), Small shouted, right that's it, it's 1 O'Clock, everybody upstairs! No, you can't say that. Al went first, very polite boy, very intelligent, nice Dad (Huffle and I think he has an air about him - like Al Pacino or Robert De Niro). Madm's mum came in for a piece of cake and a cup of tea. Ew and MissK and the Dad's went. Then A and T left. Ahhhhhhhhh. We had a really quick tidy up, a very quick Skype from Moo. Meanwhile Smallest trapped his fingers in the boot of Huffle's car. A bit of TLC and all was well.

We drove to the Park/Beach and had a long walk over the bridges. Smallest bombed down the hill on his scooter and fell, quite hard, a bit more TLC, a rub of the hands and all was well! Through the wooded area and along the lake edge. We attempted to Skype Aunt Pear and HB, signal wasn't great so we will try again tomorrow. We walked a fair way and then decided to turn back. It was mostly downhill and Smallest scooted off as fast as he could and disappeared. We weren't worried about him at first as he never runs (scoots) off, but then the further we walked the more we wondered if he had gone off the path (not like him at all, but he WAS now six), or down onto the beach. Huffle thought Smallest might have thought we were ahead of him and he was trying to catch us up. We knew the end would be the park and we didn't expect him to go any further and we HOPED he remembered where we had parked the car! Along the way we asked several people "have you seen a small boy scooting past". They all said yes. It was only when we reached a bit of beach and heard small cries and squeals that we really started to worry. Huffle and Small went down to the Beach to check, everytime I shouted his name, I swore I could hear him shout Mummy (Small also thought this). Huffle and I walked faster and harder and Small tried to scoot on ahead. Nothing. Huffle was starting to think about going back in the opposite Direction while I carried on when a couple said they saw him on the bridge not that long ago. We carried on. Small found him in the Park, just waiting for us. We told him he should not have gone so far ahead but he said he just wanted to go on the park, however, he wouldn't go on without Small so was just waiting waiting waiting for us! That was scary. I don't think he would be silly enough to go anywhere but I do worry about other people taking him. He says he wouldn't go with anyone and that if anyone asked him to and tried to take him he would just run away. Phew!

The boys played in the park and Huffle and I sat on a big rock and watched them. They payed for quite a while and then sat on the rock with us. We watched a man play with a remote control car that he had built himself. Ooooh how exiting. Lots of people were just staring open mouthed, amazed.

We were hungry and went to Whitby for Fish and Chips.

(Smallest's favourite). Grandma tried to Skype us while we were there but the signal and picture was bad. I think she was trying to introduce Uncle Grumps girlfriend to us, but not sure. We will try her again tomorrow. We drove home, the boys sillier than ever. When we got home we saw Drew and ClownRose and BabyMo so the boys and I went to say hello. Huffle made a pot of tea and we had tea and cake on the porch but the sun had started to disappear so we sat in the sun room with the fire on (the fire that is powered by one solitary hamster). Smallest played with his new remote control car and broke it within five minutes! I have to take it back to the shop!!! Then he built some Lego and I had to help. Huffle surfed the web looking for a holiday cottage for us.

Cyril uncovered..........BabyMo in her yellow boots......Ducky nearly out!

The boys went to Bed, very tired.

I have to say that we were very grateful to Small for taking charge of the kids today. We think he has found his calling in life. He loves to boss others around and Because he was that much older than them, they listened and respected him. Well done Small x







Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Happy Birthday Smallest! Sounds like a lovely day.

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Happy Birthday Smallest! Sounds like a lovely day.

Aunt Pear said...

Now I know why you enjoyed it more than a family party.....Small was in charge, wonder where he gets his bossiness from!! Sounded a good birthday day for Smallest.

AA said...

Looks like a lovely fun day. Almost the same as mine apart from you didn't have a limbo competition... And H was very jealous of Smallest's cake!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic day, very tiring I expect so I hope you got a lie in this morning! Still love that cake, it' brilliant! Happy Birthday Smallest.