Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Harvey Hogger** v Winky Warrior*

More snow in the night. A small covering. Ice on the windows.

After a short lie-in and a swift breakfast, we all got ready and went out with the intention of driving just under an hour to a Mall where they had just opened the new LegoLand Discovery Centre.

We passed Canada's Wonderland (not yet open for the season) with their huge roller coaster!!!

The website told us to book online to avoid disappointment. Ahhh well, we don't ever do what we are told. Hence the disappointment on both our boys' faces today when we were told it was booked up until Saturday. Their faces were so sad we took them into the shop for a look around and then into a nearby cafe for a pastry and drink while we rethought our days activities. It seemed we weren't anywhere near anything that was going on today. BOOOOO. So we walked around the Mall, stopped at Safari which was a big pet shop where we saw ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, mice, birds, reptiles, fish and small enclosed glass boxes with dogs in - I didn't like to see the dogs in there, it made me very sad. A lady near me told me that they were trying to ban the keeping of dogs in pet shops - poor little things.

Huffle had been told about a really good fishing shop. Yes, you read that right, I was surprised too when he said it, however it was quite good, for a fishing shop. There was a huge bear outside, inside was a big wall aquarium with a diver in who posed for a photo for us and waved at the boys.

Is that Moose going to eat them? Small trying to steal a fish from the bear.

We wandered a bit until we decided to go to the cinema to see Oz the Great and Powerful. We picked up some sandwiches and a drink and took them with us. We ate some of it in the car outside and took the rest in, discreetly hidden under my coat.

We chose an IMAX cinema with ADX. It was 3D and had ultra surround sound. The screen was enormous, possibly too big. The sound was amazing and the seats were very comfortable. It was the most expensive cinema experience we have ever been to but seeing as how we missed out on LegoLand, it seemed the only thing to do.

The rating for the film was a PG with violence. I wondered if, at over 2 hours long, it would be too much for Smallest. It wasn't. He loved it. The 3D was so good that Smallest tried to catch some snowflakes, Huffle jumped when spears were thrown at him, Small was scared at the witch flying into the screen and I closed my eyes when they went down a waterfall. It didn't seem like 2 hours+. It was good. Great story, not too far from the original - we especially like Finlay the Monkey.

We came home looking for a post office and an ice cream shop. We found the former but not the latter so I made the three boys a sundae when we got in.

Fully refreshed and full of energy and sugar, they went outside, cut down the tree that fell and carried the wood to the fire pit (just for you Grandad).

Once all the wood was moved, the boys came in, Small made himself Scrambled Egg and Smallest had fish fingers sandwiches, then they played on the IPad.


**Harvey Hogger - in the cinema, they have an advert saying "don't save too many seats to stop people sitting next to you" - DON'T BE A HARVEY HOGGER!

*Winky Warrior - the army belonging to the Wicked Witches. (We all found this one amusing and guffawed in the cinema).

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