Friday, 15 March 2013

Baps, jugs and sparkly eggs

I apologise in advance - this is a photo heavy post.
So, Huffle had a two hour lie-in. To be fair, he did go to bed feeling under the weather, so he probably needed it. He woke up refreshed and ready for a day off. It had snowed during the night and was still snowing when we got up. Of course, the boys hadn't forgotten we were doing pancakes, so we got on with it quick sharp as I had to be out of the house by 10am!
Small made the pancakes today ably assisted by Smallest and myself. The ones he made whilst I was watching turned out beautifully, but the ones made while I went up to get changed (and left Smallest and Huffle in charge) were like plops of goo! However, they tasted good and we made our normal faces:-

My cat.....Smallest's three eyed monster...Huffle self portrait (what with those ears?)....Small's fanged thing.

Then another one each, plus Small making them and I rushed out to my Knitting Group, carrying my almost finished sock and the back of a cardi. The boys stayed at home and made a 'list' which included, Ticket to Ride, Prehistoric Park, Tumbling Monkies, Scabs and Guts and Monopoly Deal.

When I came home they were still in their PJ's! We had lunch and then went out to our local town to buy a light fitting for the computer room. While we were searching we found the St.Paddy's Day hats and had a laugh trying them all on.

We didn't buy any. But we did buy a light. Next we drove to the Thrifty Shop where we didn't buy anything either but the boys walked around the shop saying Quack Quack to random strangers to see what reaction they got. (Not my idea!).

We all walked over to the park to rid the kids of their sillies. They played for a while but it was freezing cold (we forgot their scooters and that was the main reason for coming here, still they got some fresh air and a bit of exercise).


We walked back to the car and had a look in the consignment shop. There were a few things we have our eye on but are waiting until April (eh Grandma) to see if they are still there (cheaper).

We passed a display of sparkly eggs on a tree - I would like to do this for our urns outside. The boys said they would like to paint eggs.

The boys didn't want to go in,they wanted to scoot but as the paths were still full of snow, I said I would take them on the road and we could pop to the Beer Store.

During this walk, I was having a lovely text conversation with my fabulous friend Yahoo. She had seen a photo I had posted on Instagram and commented that it was nice but could she see a photo of me in the snow. We then had a strange text/photo conversation:-
(You probably had to be there,but I know I was chuckling to myself alot)

Send me a photo of you in the snow.........Okay, now send me one of you........ahhh that scared me so much I had to go to the Beer bring the beer and I'll provide the chocolates.....

Oooh Chocolate, I have wine too.........whoops I had an accident with the chocolate...... I have brownies and a cuppa you like my baps?


Lovely, what about my jugs?.........,your jugs have always been bigger than mine.......

Ha ha ha ha ha. Just like the old days. I miss her. We used to laugh sooooooo much.

Anyway, then we skyped Grandma and Grandad (some requests). The boys and I played Table Ice Hockey whilst waiting for dinner to cook. Small had a call from his friend Cog who wanted to play so after dinner I took him to Cog's house. Smallest played on the IPad while Huffle and I played Table Tennis. Then we went and looked to see what work still needed to done in the loft. I sanded, Huffle vacuumed and then he put Smallest to bed and we waited for Small to come home. The kids go to bed late here so we knew he wouldn't be home till 8ish.











Aunt Pear said...

What a busy day, made me feel tired reading it. Happy pictures. I have nice day planned, off to beauty place to have a treatment on my eyes that always look puffy and tired, the girl has her work cut out!! Then off to The Barn to see M&M. x

Corinne said...

He-He I suppose you had to be there really! Have a good day. I'm taking Maddie to a party at Lollipops this morning - off to paint pottery!! Xx

famfa said...

It was funny to me. Glad we did it. Thanks mate xxx

Anonymous said...

When I called your boys a pair of sillies the other day I had no idea they got that gene from you, I thought it was Huffle!!


famfa said...

Whoops my secret is out, however don't be deceived, huffle is just as silly!