Sunday, 3 March 2013

Walking in the Air

Inside Day. Knitting (already at the heel part), sweeping, dusting, cooking (two quiches and jam tarts), computering, IPading, jigsawing, showering, hair cutting (for Huffle), Wii, Table Tennis, filling of holes, glueing of wood and a film.

Are these Small's ski pants and not mine Mummy?

We also went out to try and get into the barn but the door seems to be frozen. The garden level is considerably higher than normal. The huge amounts of snow we have had are now compacted down so that you can almost walk on top of it without falling through. When we stand next to the barn door, our heads are way over the top of the door frame. It was like looking at a hobbit house. Smallest was so confused by the height of the garden that he asked if next doors Hedge had been cut down.

Beautiful Icicle

We had a visit from Mrs Royal and a Skype from Aunty A.

Tomorrow is Grandad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - don't worry, we won't tell anyone how old you are.

This was his romantic dinner from Grandma.



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Anonymous said...

Wow,already at the heel, did I read that right! You're bound and determined to finish that second sock aren't you! Yeah, that snow is really weird, we went for a walk yesterday morning and hardly broke through the crust, on the odd occasion we did we almost fell over as one foot would suddenly drop about 6 inches! There was also a lot of ice under the snow, and we went through the woods and took the up and down path, not thinking!! It got very interesting at times, lol!!