Saturday, 23 March 2013


All the boys got up early this morning and I had a lie-in all by myself, however I was woken by the bright sunlight streaming through our badly fitting blinds. We had breakfast. Small was feeling well enough to eat two Weetabix. He still looked really ill in the face and he said his throat hurt a lot but seemed much brighter in himself.

Whilst we were having breakfast Small suddenly got up and said "oooh I forgot to check if the Tooth Fairy took my tooth!" OH YES YOU BETTER LOOK THEN! He came down disappointed, I looked at Huffle and said quietly "explain that one!". We told him it was probably because he was feeling so poorly. Huffle said it was because his breath smelt so bad (naughty) - when Small gets his bad throat there is always a bad smell from his throat, bless him. He wasn't worried about the lack of money. I'm sure she will come tonight.

While Huffle and Smallest went out to the Beer Store to pick up salt for the water softener (yes it is a hardware store too), Small and I played Yahtzee. The sunroom got to a temperature of 24* and we all sat in there. I filled all the bird feeders up,

..............took a walk down the garden, photographing as I went, and then Huffle and I sat in the Sun Room (with tee shirts on) watching the birds come and go, we saw chickadees, a woodpecker, blue jays and nuthatches. There were loads of birds. It was so nice and relaxing just sitting there, warming our bones.

Lovin' the shadows

Lovely blue sky

We skyped Moo to show her where we were sitting and she was very jealous as she was cold and it was snowing.

Us Skyping (in the corner) and Moo's road and car in the snow

We have been sent a few photos of the snow in the UK.

My old's poor's garden (we've been texting a lot today)...... And a shot of Aunty A and Aunty Miaow sending me a message to say Cheers and they would SKYPE later

Strange seeing as our weather was soooo sunny today - still bloomin' cold though. We got ourselves ready and drove to Port Perry to try out a new Chip Shop.

The road to Port Perry - look at those clouds

It was the same chain as the one we normally go to but it was in a Conservatory as opposed to a Truck Stop. We all had Cod except for Small who had Haddock. It was very nice, though a little more expensive, possibly because of the setting. Shame it wasn't on the lake though. The lady in there was amazed that Smallest could cut up and eat his fish by himself. I told her he was nearly six but she said "I see a lot of kids in here and believe me, most of them can't cut!" I think kids here are a bit more mollycoddled than in the UK. We seemed to be a sideshow for everyone today. Everyone stared once they heard our accents and then they started looking at Smallest (and his hair no doubt!). No one was being horrible, just smiling and giggling and half pointing!

We left the chip shop and parked nearer to the lake. We walked alongside the frozen lake and the boys briefly went on the park (well Smallest did) Small wanted to rest as his tummy hurt - I think he may have pulled a muscle being sick yesterday. He wanted to walk on the ice but I wouldn't let him as there were great pools of water breaking through. Too thin now.

The boys dangled their feet on the ice and tried to break it with their feet, standing on it when they thought we weren't looking!!!

We drove to a supermarket and bought The Hobbit bluray, then drove home and prepared the film room (our bedroom). All the boys lay on the bed and I had my rocking chair with my crochet, just like a Granny. We got half way through the film before Smallest couldn't sit still any longer. We postponed the rest till another day. Smallest had some tea and the boys played with the circuit kit. I went out for a walk because I was grumpy but it did me some good because I walked around the village trying to get a good photo of the moon. I only turned back because my boots were rubbing (I didn't put my thick socks on).

When I got home we all did a salt water gargle, Small had his medicine and the boys went to bed. Huffle read to them both. Aunty A and Aunty Miaow skyped us (it was past midnight there) and after saying Goodnight to the boys, we sat and chatted for a while. Aunty Miaow telling us about her trip to see us this Summer and Aunty A threatening to visit us this Summer (only joking AA, you know you are more than welcome as long as we get our holiday in first!). We got complaints from Small because we were making too much noise talking to them. It was lovely to see them. I miss them. I miss lots of things and people today.



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Aunt Pear said...

Photos amazing, it looks a very beautiful place to live. Good u seeing Aunty A this year, Just spent the night a Grandmas as my house full of students, it was lovely. She looking for hol, showed her the beautiful Rhosilli Bay I Wales. Nice. x