Monday, 4 March 2013

Stinky Bonfire Pants!

Look at those Icicles hanging over the NoQuoteys

It snowed yesterday evening but luckily it didn't really settle. The roads were clear and Huffle got off the icy drive okay. The men turned up and disappeared into the loft. Small went off to school in his Wellies - hope they are warm enough (I did send in my wellie warmers). Smallest played on the computer while I had breakfast.

We skyped Moo briefly before she went off to the Blood Donors and look for light bulbs for me. A few years ago, Mum gave us a lovely old Standard Lamp and we shipped it over here with the rest of our furniture. However it has an English Plug. We asked the men how difficult it would be to change the plug to a Canadian one but then they realised we couldn't get the right voltage bulbs here.

Moo came home with a sticker

Smallest and I tidied his bedroom, built a train track, played with the trains and built a lovely village inclusive of fire station, hospital, postal service, bus station and train station and a 'workers yard'. Then we put it all away and did a book of jigsaws of the world. Plus we did it again and put the countries in the right place (we followed a picture - I've never been that good at geography!). By this time it was lunchtime and Smallest sat in front of the TV for his. The men needed me to vacuum but our vacuum isn't great - they mended it and I got on with clearing the loft of dust. They went out to buy some bits and pieces. There was suggestion that the stairs would look better with an oak veneer, just to finish it. I agreed but couldn't really envisage it.

OMG - it looks fabulous. It really does finish it off, it make it look like we have a solid oak staircase now (they are now suggesting that oak veneer stairs would look even better - but that's another $400+ 2 days labour). Anyway, they did the stairs, filled in some holes, fitted a new 'dado rail' (not sure that is what it is called but it is that thing in the middle of the wall that runs the length of the wall!). A piece of wood that sits between the hall and the kitchen has now been mended. All the tools have been moved out. They have another job tomorrow so they will be back tomorrow afternoon and then only one of them is back sometime Wednesday to finish off. AND THAT's IT. Whaoooooo.

Smallest and I played a couple of games and then we went out into the snow. We ran around and built a small slope to sledge down until Small came home.

At one point I fell through the snow right up to my thighs. Smallest fell through too and lost his boot.

The slope went right onto th icy drive and onto the road so I had to stand at the bottom with a shovel and stop the kids from flying into the car or onto the road. In the end I sent them in the back to build a new slope.

They built themselves some sort of hole in the snow and stayed there for ages. Eventually they came in and played on the Wii.

They had dinner. Huffle came home. Once we had dinner he took the boys to Beavers for a sledging night. He decided to stay with them because the sledging was a little 'extreme' and some of the kids were feisty! They toasted marshmallows by the campfire and came home smelling like fires themselves so all their clothes (coats, gloves, ski pants which they need tomorrow) had to go in the wash.

We are all exhausted. Cup of tea in front of the TV. Early night.



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