Thursday, 21 March 2013

He's just sitting there, sleeping!

Bizarre dream. We had moved into a new house (not the house we are in now but it WAS in Canada). The drive was very strange and went all around the back of other houses, even though there was a drive next to our house. While we were moving in, a huge crowd of people were gathered around the front of the house, all chatting happily. We joined them. We saw the people who used to live in the house before. We realised that the people were waiting for something and we wondered if they were there to welcome us, so we crept back into the house so we could come out properly and be welcomed. When we came back out, they were all gone. They were in the pub (we don't have a pub here) over the road. They had all just met up to go out together. We felt really silly. I had another dream about moving back to England and I didn't really fit in here or there.

I had a bit of a down morning. I don't know if it was my dreams or whether I just felt a bit lost. Like I don't have a purpose. I think I need to go back to working at the garden centre. I tried to find a fitness class too but I think it's on the same day as work.

The boys went off to school and hid from me when they saw my camera. Silly Billies.

I had a 25 minute workout whilst watching HIMYM. Then I had breakfast and started touching up the painting in the loft. I went around the walls and ceiling painting over any bits we had missed and going around the top of the skirting (base) boards. I filled in a hole above the bed and swiffed the room and made the bed. I gave the window in the computer room and the skirting a second coat and I painted the computer room door.

I am painting a canvas for over our bed and I made a start on that. Just a quick sketch. I also attempted to vacuum the stairs (with carpet on) but since the men were here the stairs are a mess and there is so much fluff (where does it come from?) I can't get the vacuum to pick it up at all. It's very frustrating (and No it isn't full and I did empty it).

By the time all that was done, I was starving and stopped for lunch. It had started snowing again. A lot of snow but not seeming to settle. I THOUGHT IT WAS SPRING!

At the weekend, Smallest decided he wanted a Birthday Party this year. Not a family one but a friends one. So we sat down on Monday and wrote invitations. No planning (apart from his cake which I drew out and planned this afternoon), but so far out of the six kids he has invited, three of them have accepted. He will be pleased. I guess we have to do pass the parcel (he wants to do forfeits which is a family tradition now). He doesn't want a piñata this year as he felt he didn't get much of it last year. He wants sandwiches, biscuits and a cake. That can't be that hard can it?

I went out to the shops and bought a few things. When I came out the snow was blizzarding again. I had to put my headlights on because visibility was awful. I got home, put out the recycling and then the kids were home. They were just trying to negotiate for who was going to go on the computer when MrsRoyal came by with a Science circuit set. That took their minds off the computer and they immediately began playing with it. They made a light bulb come on, something sang happy birthday and a whirly thing was launched into the air. They loved it. They skyped Grandma to show her. Mr & Mrs Royal are going off on a cruise tomorrow. They are sailing across the Atlantic (oooh rather them than me - I'm sure it will be fine) over to Spain and then going to Rome and Venice. We are very very jealous of the Italian part, not the Atlantic crossing. She said she will send me photos so I hope to post some on here.

Our basement is split into two. The first side is partly finished with walls and flooring where we play Table Football, Table Tennis, excercise and the kids games and Lego is in there. Then there are two louvre doors and that part of the basement has a concrete floor and all the machinery is in there. The water heater, softener, Furness, a cold room and a place where we keep an extra freezer. The reason for telling you this is because, I went in there to get something from the freezer and saw, in the middle of the floor, a mouse. Not moving, not squashed, not anything really. At first I thought it had stopped because it heard me, then I thought it might be asleep. Small came and looked and said "can I throw this pen at him to see if he moves?" NO! Smallest came down and said "can I see if he is asleep?" YES BUT DON'T TOUCH HIM. He walked up to him and shouted HHHEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO. It didn't move. Therefore, the mouse was dead or in a deep sleep. Do mice hibernate? Oh god, I hope not because Huffle has just put him in a bag in the dustbin. Poor sleepy mouse.

I made two quiches for dinner. One spinach and cheese for the boys

It puffed up like a soufflé!

and a roasted veggie one for Huffle and I.

Small did his homework. Smallest played on the computer and then Small played on the computer and Smallest watched him. Huffle came home and we all ate. Smallest had a sour sweet after dinner.

He pulled some very funny faces

The boys showed Huffle their science kit and what it could do. We all ended up sitting on the kitchen floor. Huffle and I played Table Tennis while the boys got ready for bed and then we read to them.



Corinne said...

That science kit is fab - Bens got the same one! Lots of fun. Very strange dream. I had one last night - I had to look after a sleeping bag on a boat but it kept dropping in the water. I just managed to get it back each time... Mads is off school ill so maybe the bag symbolises her!!! Ha-Ha xx

famfa said...

I can interpret your dream - you're nuts!! Ha! The science kit is providing lots of entertainment. Thanks for commenting, know it takes up your time. Much love xxxxx