Monday, 25 March 2013

Bringing it Back!

I may have mentioned that it is supposed to be Spring, and to be fair, the last few days have been quite Springlike, despite the still mounds of snow in our garden. What I forgot to mention was that Punxatawney Phil, of Groundhog Day fame, has been indicted for giving a false indication that Spring would be early this year. Oh dear, Poor Phil. Actually his handler is now taking the blame so Phil won't be sent to his death after all!

Small went off to school armed with his antibiotics (which he remembered to put in the fridge but forgot to take!!!). He seems much better. It's a miracle. I must remember to make an appointment for when he is properly better so he can be swabbed.

Smallest and I had a slow morning, eating, playing and then we got ready and went out to Dollarama where we bought far too much stuff for Smallest's party on Saturday. Then we went next door to Bulk Barn and bought a few things to decorate his cake. Next we went to The Tire and purchased some wire wool to smooth the first coat of Varnish, some wood stain to stain the stairs and some paint to go on the doors and windows, just to freshen them up a bit. Smallest found a friend in there and tried to spray him.

When we got home, Smallest ran off to get the Post. He was very excited because there was a card for him.

You can just see him waving his card

We unpacked the car and Smallest skyped Moo while I made his lunch and put the shopping away. She still has snow and although it has been a nice day today she says it's still cold. I had my lunch and watched a bit of HIMYM while Smallest watched SpongeBob.

Moving into the sun room we played, knitted and watched and photographed the birds. Oh and shooed away those pesky squirrels. One was precariously balanced on top of the Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder, while the other was jumping up and swinging on the lower feeder. I would be quite happy to feed them their own food but they are so greedy and take it all.

I saw a Woodpecker today and a Cardinal and blue Jays. It even made me get our proper SLR camera out - good for zooming.

Small came home, feeling better, he did his homework and then the boys played on the IPads. Huffle came home and we ate. Today I made Chilli and Rice and Vegetable Lasagne. YUM! Small said it was 'okay' and Smallest hated the Kidney Beans but liked the rest!

Smallest went off to Beavers this evening and they visited the Firehall. I said he might be shimmying down the pole but he doesn't think they have those. That's just in Fireman Sam! When Huffle brought him home he was talking about how the firemen don't have a bath in their station. He wondered did they not play with rubber ducks and straws? He came home with stickers, a hat, certificates, a car, two badges and a book. He told the firemen that we don't have any smoke alarms. Huffle showed him the smoke alarms when they got home and he said "Oh yeah, that's what Mummy sets off when she cooks!".

Small, Huffle and I played Pictureka and Sorry Revenge and then Small watched TV while Huffle and I played Table Tennis - bringing it back!!!!!!



Aunt Pear said...

Can we hv ome of your blue sky please?

Aunt Pear said...

Translated means.... Can we have some of your blue sky please? Must check before pressing the button!!

famfa said...

I'll see what I can do x