Thursday, 14 March 2013

Don't forget the potatoes.......

Forgot to post a photo yesterday of the big sheet of ice that Huffle pulled up from the back door.

More snow during the night. Not much. But the wind in the night was horrendous.

The ice was back on the inside of the sun room window this morning - PAH, now I've cleard it out!! I vaguely remember Huffle going to work. I had a bit of a lie-in, but not too long.

Sunshiny view from the loft over the back

The kids stayed in bed longer than normal. We had breakfast and Smallest had a bath with extra bubbles. I had a quick run on the Eliptical and Small played on the IPad. The boys played together nicely while I had a shower. Then by late morning we decided to go and do a Grocery shop. Now I didn't do very well here because I drove 20 minutes to some shops and parked outside one and then realised I didn't have any money on me. We drove straight back home, by which time it was lunchtime. We had lunch, gathered my purse and bags and went back out. This time we shopped and paid, however we were supposed to be having Cottage Pie, but I forgot the potatoes. I bought milk and juice and we already had plenty! I knew I should have done the shop by myself.

The back road is very picturesque and on a clear day you can see Toronto and the CN Tower. Today the tower was glinting in the sunlight.

The boys helped me put everything away, Small had a shower and then they played with their Lego. I did a bit of crocheting, tidying, washing, drying and sanding. The walls on the stairs are ready for painting now.

I made meatballs and Beetballs. The boys helped me to peel, grate, chop and cook and then we went outside for some fresh air. We played in the garden ......................

............and walked down to the woody bit to collect a stick or two.

I suggested we get the sledges out and pushed them down the garden.

Smallest cashed hard into the fence and ended up gouged and in tears so I rushed him inside to check the damage. Just a rough graze. Small then came in and said he had hurt his arm doing the same thing, oh well, that didn't last long did it? Silly mummy and her silly ideas!

They played with Lego again and table ice hockey til Huffle came home and we all had dinner. Huffle is off again with us tomorrow and had a busy day trying to catchup from Wednesday and tomorrow. I asked the boys what they wanted to do tomorrow and they said "a list day". Which means, they write down all the games they want to play and we work our way through the list. Fair enough. I did promise Small I would teach him how to make pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast so expect some pancake faces tomorrow.

Huffle and the boys played Table Ice Hockey and Small and I played Millionaire Monopoly Deal, then Huffle and I played Table Tennis. I won one game out of five. Wahooooo.

Tea, telly, crochet, feet up. Night night,




Mrs Rumbleskins said...

I did the same thing today and went to the shops without my wallet. I long for the days when my children will sleep in. Little miss Rumbleskins has taken to 4.30 a.m. sleeps of late. Yaaaaaaawn!

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Oops I mean she is WAKING at 430a.m. Lack of sleep is affecting my brain!