Sunday, 31 March 2013

Where is the Easter Bunny?

Everyone slept well. The boys got up early as usual. Huffle and I got a well earned lie in. We exchanged our Easter presents out of sight ofthembiys so that they didn't feel left out. Huffle bought me a ball of wool and a Lindt bar of chocolate (Sea Salt - which I happened to drool over in a recent supermarket without him knowing) I bought Huffle a bar of Lindt chocolate (White choc and Coconut which he wanted to try, I didn't know though!) and an egg slicer (it was eggy!). our original plan for today was to go to Port Perry, watch the Easter Parade (yes another parade) and take part in the Easter Egg Hunt, but rain was forecast and everyone was tired, so once Breakfast was eaten, and while the boys played in the basement, Huffle and I went around the house hiding eggs and making up clues for each room. The boys searched high and low, Easter buckets in hand.

In every hiding place there was at least two eggs to find. Some small foiled wrapped ones, a couple of kinder eggs, some Smartie Eggs and a few hidden KitKats (at the time of writing this - 18:22) there are still two kitkats sitting in the front window!). It didn't take them too long. The house was cleared of eggs in no time and the buckets were filled.

Yesterday one of the mums asked me about the Easter Bunny. The kids here believe there IS an Easter Bunny who leaves them chocolate eggs. (Shouldnt it be a Chicken?). I don't think we have ever done that, but apparently it is a big thing here. So I had to prime Small and tell him he couldn't say "we don't have a Bunny", more like we did have one and we had eggs!!! No point in complicating things. Easter is also more of a family get together here with Ham served for dinner. Church goers especially make a big thing of Easter (which makes sense).

We played with the Birthday games Smallest got yesterday. Mancala (a strategy game), Pictureka and I-Spy (similar but both good games). Smallest had a Physics book and kit and the tried several things from it. Small also got his experiments book down and we all did a few things.

The boys played with their wrestling rings and wrestlers and also built some Lego.

We had a Roast Chicken dinner with Jelly and Ice Cream for pudding and skyped Grandma and Grandad. The boys played on the IPads while Huffle played on the computer and I did some sewing. Monopoly Deal was played several times and the boys got sillier and sillier until it was tea time and they settled down in front of Wrestling! Huffle and I played Table Tennis and I won one game wahoooo.

Huffle ironed his shirts for work, I blogged and emailed. Smallest blogged too.


We had a note from the Royals the other day to say they were happily cursing across the big ocean which was calm, with the weather not great but warm. They are attending educational seminars (not sure if I believe that!) and trying not to eat too much.


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