Friday, 22 March 2013

Sleepy Mouse Wakes Up

One of the boys came in during the night (we think it was around 2am) and said they had a sore throat and could they have medicine. Huffle said "yes, go and get it and bring it to me". I thought it was Smallest and I had visions of him climbing on top of the stool in his slidy socks and toppling off. So I said NO HE CAN'T GET IT BY HIMSELF IT'S TOO HIGH, THE NEXT THING WE'LL BE TAKING HIM TO HOSPITAL WITH A BROKEN LEG! Huffle was not pleased as he harrumphed (he says justifiably) off down the stairs to get him his medicine.

When I came down this morning I bid my usual GOOD MORNING. Smallest croaked good morning back and I said SPEAK AGAIN SMALLEST. Small said "what about me, I'm the one with the sore throat". Ahhh now it makes sense. I sent Huffle an apologetic message. I toyed with keeping Small at home today but as our doctors walk-in isn't until this evening, one of their questions will no doubt be 'how long have you had this?', and I am the 'Mystery Reader' in Smallest's class today, I made them both gargle salt water, gave Small medicine and sent them on their way. Small has instructions to ring if it gets bad.

While they were eating breakfast, Small's tooth fell out. He has had some funny ways of his teeth falling out over the years. One got punched out by a friends brother while Small was playing a pretend piano at a theme park. He laughed another one out and this one today, fell out while eating Weetabix - Weetabix, that tough chewy cereal. Ha! Of course, now he has to speak in a strange way because a tooth is missing!!!!

All this before 9am.

It snowed again in the night, quite heavily. The roads and drive and cars were covered. I thought the bus would be cancelled but it wasn't. Once the plough had been, the roads were clear.

So after breakfast, I packed up my knitting and went off to carry on my cardigan. Last week, I listened to the women talk about going to their Mediums. Never been a fan of psychics, medium etc but three out of the five women have lost one of their children. It was tragic to hear about. Two in car accidents and one got run over. Two of them were only 18. They only happened two - three years ago and it was heatbreaking to hear their stories.

Today was different. The chat went from baking and cooking to yoga and yoghurts. There was a lot of laughter and exchanging of emails. I gave my email to a lady who is going to give me her scone recipe. A lady gave me her email so I could send her my sock pattern, and I gave my email to a lady who knows someone who is British and not having a great time here. If I can help in any way I will try. I know what it's like to be here, be new and not feeling happy. Someone else took my email with the idea that she has some furniture she wants to get rid of.

I came home and went into the basement. I couldn't believe it. Another mouse. Sat next to the freezer, asleep or dead, why? What's going on? I can't move it so it will have to sit there until Huffle comes home. Very strange. I had lunch and for my storytelling later at school. I rang Huffle and told him. He thinks it's funny. I skyped Moo while I got my lunch ready and we chatted briefly. Then Yahoo skyped me. Guess what? We laughed a lot. She just has one of those faces (ha only kidding). I took her down to the basement to see the mouse. It had gone. Honestly, what is going on? Was it sleeping? Do they sleep like that? In full view of people.

Small phoned to say he wasn't feeling well and I persuaded him to stay till 3pm when I would be there anyway to read to the Kindergartens. Then I rang Smallest's teacher to see if I could read any earlier. I went in half an hour earlier than planned and text Huffle to let him know that I needed him to take Smallest swimming so I could take Small to the doctors. I got to school and Small was in the hallway, laid out on a seat looking a little pale and sleepy. I told him to stay there while I read and then he could go home. His tummy hurt too. Smallest's class were sitting on the floor hiding their faces (they weren't allowed to look until I was sitting down), then they all looked up and there was a cry of "it's Smallest's Mom!". I Sat on the floor with them, I showed them the book 'a squash and a squeeze' and then I got out my props. The story is about a lady who thinks her house is too small and a wise man tells her to take animals into her house. Eventually she can't move so she takes them all out and is grateful for all the space she has. I used my knitted animals. They loved it and I got a round of applause at the end. Smallest's teacher has borrowed the book and props to tell her Monday group the sory as she liked it so much. That was fun! I am definitely going to volunteer more once Smallest starts full time in September

Small and I came home and I sent him to bed until Huffle came home. Smallest came home on the bus by himself and the driver sent the girl from across the road with him to make sure he got in okay. That was kind of the driver and the girl. Then we made our way to the old walk-in clinic. Small felt sick so we took a bowl, a towel and a box of tissues with us, the drive is about 15-20 minutes and I drove swiftly but avoided swerving and bumpy bits. He struggled all the way there and just as we arrived and parked he was sick. It was horrible as I am his Mum and I have to be supportive and tell him it's okay but I can't bear to see other people being sick, it just makes me feel sick myself. Once he had finished I threw the bowlful down the drain and picked up a lump of snow and cleaned the bowl. Once inside, the waiting room wasn't too busy, but really warm. Small had to wear a face mask. We tried to play Yahtzee on the IPad but he wasn't even up to that. He looked really poorly and sleepy.

We eventually saw a nurse who took his temperature - he has a fever, she took a swab - he has Strep Throat again. After about an hour we saw a Medical Student who then fetched the doctor. while Small was waiting for them, he fell asleep. He has been given more antibiotics but due to the fact that he has only just had Strep, they are wondering if he is a carrier, so they suggested we saw our family doctor and get him to swab him when he is well. While I got the antibiotics I left Small in the car with his bowl. He was sick again. We got home, he tried some soup but couldn't manage more than a couple of spoonfuls and went to bed.

Smallest had a different teacher at swimming but he enjoyed it and Huffle enjoyed watching him.

Huffle and I played Table Tennis and then sat and watched TV. It feels like it has been a long day.

Wishing CousinPest a speedy recovery.



Mrs BB said...

I love a Squash and a Squeeze although Room on the Broom is my favourite. We are big fans of Julia Donaldson in this house xx

Aunt Pear said...

Love to Small. Used to get tonsillitis annually which is pretty similar. Cousin Pest well on the mend thanks. Am posting Smallest birthday card today, present not yet arrived. so will put some noisy balloons in card so you can all enjoy them!

famfa said...

I love all Julia Donaldson books. Room on the broom was a big favourite when the kids were younger x

famfa said...

It's horrible. He gets it more here than in England. I told the doctor but he just shrugged. Glad cousinpest feeling better. Yay noisy balloon - our favourite x