Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Peppers and Aubergines

Up early this morning and back to work. Love it. The boys and I had breakfast together, which is rare as I normally wait for them to go so I can relax and enjoy it. Off they went to school.

Then once I had emptied the dishwasher, filled it, tidied and filled the dryer (all before 9am) I went to work. Today we worked in the greenhouse and between three of us, we replanted 1500 pepper and aubergine seedlings. There were some strange names of plants:- Sweet Banana Pepper (apparently it is long and thin and yellow), Hot Pepper Holy Mole (a hot one!), and what I didn't realise is that this garden centre grows plants for the Herb Garden Centre down the road that Grandad likes to go to. I got to bring some home and am struggling to find where to put them as they cannot get cold. I enjoyed being back there, it was very therapeutic, peaceful and we had a good cup of coffee, Chocolate hobnobs (I missed you hobnobs) and a good catchup mid morning up at the house. I am back there next Tuesday for Tomato planting.

The temperature today has been around 5-7* and the sun room was up to about 20*. The clouds were amazing and I took a few photos.

At the garden centre........................clouds in our garden................

barn, tree and clouds...... Clouds, sun, tree

.....and then I noticed Cyril, just poking out of the ground. Almost wincing as if the sunlight was hurting his eyes, he has been buried for so long under the snow.

I walked down the garden, the snow is starting to properly melt now. HURRAH. Then I looked at the weather forecast and it said there could be snow showers today, Wednesday and Thursday NO GO AWAY!

I had my lunch, watched a bit of Bomb Girls and then carried on with the varnishing of the stairs. I managed to finish the first coat completely. I had to stop because the varnish gave me a headache.

I emptied the dishwasher again until the boys came home. Small boiled two eggs for egg decorating tomorrow and then him and Smallest played on the computer.

We had to move the computer downstairs until all the painting and varnishing has been done. I will be glad when it is back in its room, and quieter!

I made dinner and sent the kids outside to play as they had far too much energy and were sillier than ships!

Huffle came home and we all had dinner. Smallest asked for seconds, which is very rare indeed. Normally he is still sitting there after everyone else has finished and cleared away. It was such a lovely evening I made everyone go out for a walk. We walked to the bottom of the garden, through the wooded area and onto the Royal's field. Then over and into their garden and back along the road. Not a long walk, but nice and the kids played well.

The tree that Smallest likes to call a boat......................mine and Huffle's shadows waving..................... Small's fall - he is NOT licking the snow!......the boys in the distance.........finding our way through those nasty weeds that stick to your clothes

When we got back, the boys cleared the snow in front of the gate. We haven't been able to close the gate for about two months so it's nice, now the snow is melting, to be able to shut it again. They did a good job.

The boys watched TV before bed and Huffle and I played Table Tennis. I nearly won! We read, tucked them in and then Huffle watched England v Montenegro



Aunt Pear said...

Silly as ships?! Now, I wonder where that saying came from, not heard it for a long time. x

Anonymous said...

We might get into double figures this weekend (11C), that'll definitely make a change! Let's hope it keeps moving in that direction. Our snow has gone now but it's still been too cold for my liking for late March! Good job for getting back to work again.


famfa said...

Is it a grandma saying?

famfa said...

Ooh 11* tee shirts then. Looking forward to our snow going x

Aunt Pear said...

It's Huffle's grandma's saying and her intrepid twin, happy days.