Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nearly all clean now

There was a sprinkling of snow in the night, nothing much. Just a car covering. Huffle and the kids went off to school/work.

I had a morning spent painting, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, mopping. MrCash was here for the morning, picked up his last cheque and promised to return tomorrow or Saturday for a final few bits. The men have done a fabulous job. We still have some painting to do.

I carried on dusting and mopping. Stopped for lunch and a knit. In the afternoon I moved stuff from the landing and the boys room up into the loft and computer area (below loft), dusted and mopped some more. Moved some craft stuff upstairs. The landing is now clear and clean. The boys have their bedrooms back. It's only our bedroom now that needs clearing.

I had a visit from Drew and we stopped for a cup of tea. The boys came home and played on the IPads. Huffle came home and we all had dinner. Then we set the boys the task of moving all the odd pieces of wood that weren't used from the loft into the basement. Huffle and I moved the heavier things like the bed and secured and cleaned it. The kids watched TV before bed.

Everyone in the house is shattered and tired. The boys are now off for March Break for a week.



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Anonymous said...

You all must be knackered but I bet it'll be worth it when you get everything back in place and you can craft in your lovely new room. It looks like a completely different space now. Very Spring like here too, 7C today and very sunny, about the same tomorrow and 10C on Sunday with rain, that should help to wash the snow away. I'm done with winter now, that as evident by my desk on woyww this week, no christmas cards, lol! Very few people got it though, you were the first!