Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Come out come out wherever you are.....

Huffle and I tried to watch TV last night but I couldn't hear a thing and he said it was really loud! So instead we resorted to playing on the IPads. We played Yahtzee, Scrabble and Carcassonne. When we went to bed we couldn't watch our usual episode of My Name is Earl so Huffle put some more drops in my ears and we slept. It took ages to get off to sleep as I kept hearing noises which I couldn't tell if Huffle was talking to me or it was cars, or the kids or dogs!! It was horrible.

I woke up still completely deaf. Huffle and Small went off. Smallest played on the computer while I had breakfast and then we went outside in the garden for most of the day. We built a teepee and a 'structure', played Boules the length of the garden and back, mainly sticking to the shaded side as it was very warm today. My eyes were stinging all morning and I was sniffing. I thought I had sun cream in my eyes and that I had a cold but as the day went on I realised it was hayfever and it was worse than I have ever had it. I took an anti histamine and felt a bit better but my head has been banging all day. Smallest and I played Hide and Seek and I spent a considerable time in the Cedar Hedge, maybe I am allergic to that or it gives off a strong Pollen!

We went in for regular drinks and lunch. He watched TV whilst eating and I tried to watch some more of a film I have been watching. I couldn't hear it although one of my ears came back partially, so I plugged in some speakers and held one to my ear, ridiculous! Huffle got me an appointment at the doctors for Friday morning. At first I was disappointed because it meant no knitting again but I wouldn't have been able to go. It is a very noisy bunch of people and it would have driven me crazy.

Lovely sunshine make lovely photos

This afternoon there was swinging, more den building, more hide and seek, changing of bed clothes, some cutting down of the trees one side and then a nice long cool on the porch whilst playing on my phone waiting for Small to come home. When he got home, there was more teepee building and another hide and seek plus a bath and tidy of the basement games.

We made dinner and then had one more game of hide and seek where I was seeking. I lost both the kids, Huffle came home and helped me look. We were searching for ages. Small was in the hedge and came out eventually but Smallest remained missing. I actually started to get a bit worried but he was at the very bottom of the garden hiding behind the tree. He couldn't hear us calling. That is the longest he has ever hidden without jumping out!

We had dinner, then all went out for a game of football. It was good fun but the mozzies started biting so we came in. Huffle prepared some more of the porch. The boys watched TV and went to bed.

I am very happy to say that the Trilliums I planted last year under the trees have come out. Four of them. I am hoping that one of them is going to be the red flower.


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Aunt Pear said...

Love Huffle' Eric Morecombe's shorts!, and well done The Hiders.