Monday, 13 May 2013

Smallest in the QuarterMasters Stores

Breakfast started with Smallest dropping a whole pack of cards into his yoghurt. Oh joy, how I love to individually wipe 52 cards with kitchen roll. I bet they'll be nice to play with now. I wouldn't mind but they are a very special pack of cards that Uncle Grump bought us back from America. Each one has GWBush on it with different bodies. They are quite revolting really and generally put us off playing cards because the images are quite weird. Oh well, good start to the day.


Small went off to school. It was much colder today, though the snow has completely gone, he had to wear a coat.

Smallest played on the computer while I had a shower, watched the end of Call The Midwife. I have now watched the whole series and I love it. It is fabulous. Again a huge thank you to who posted the whole lot. I am eagerly awaiting series two now. Can't wait.

Smallest and I went off to Home Depot with the front door screen to see if I could get a replacement. The woman at the front said "over there for returns". IT'S NOT A RETURN I said as I marched on through the store. "Oh no, you can't bring that in without a sticker" she said, running off to returns to get me one. BUT IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT A NEW ONE, ITS ALL BASHED AND DIRTY! Still I had to have a sticker on it. Off I went to look at where all the screens were. Nothing in the size I wanted. Only the parts for making one up yourself which is fine but there weren't any big enough pieces. I figured I could just as easily take out the mesh again and pull the frame into shape and put new mesh in (3rd time lucky).

We went on to the supermarket and bought some wool and food. Then walked over to BulkBarn to get Huffle and Small's porridge. Then it was back to the Hamlet, a quick fill up of petrol and home to empty our bags and get lunch. We skyped Moo and had a quick catch up. She says it is cold in England. It's colder here! Just a mere 7* today - rubbish.

As I was just finishing my lunch Aunty A skyped and we had a good old catch up. (Thanks for your kind words Yogi, my ears are fine now, hope you are enjoying us having our colder spell). Smallest and I went into the garden to play on the swing and then we walked around the garden checking the peas (coming up nicely), the lettuce (a bit wind and snow damaged but not too bad), the raspberries (leafing up well). Then we decided to do our walk. Down to the bottom of the garden, through the wooded area, round the pond and into the Royals field, over the burr filled grass - OUCH) and along their drive where we stopped to say Hello and have a chat.

Climbing the tree. The pond. Up the tree again.
Don't wear crocs in a field full of spiky burrs!

They reminded me of my Gram's weather house where the woman came out when it was warm and the man came out when it was rainy, ha ha.

This was just like it

We came home, tidied up Smallest's room, cleaned the floor, did a puzzle and played Mancala. By which time, Small was home. We tidied his room and I cleaned his floor and then I went into the loft and cleaned that floor and stripped the bed while the boys played on the computer.

I made dinner and when Huffle came home we ate and the boys went off to Beavers/Cubs where they were invited to a Jungle Book Themed Evening in Pickering. When we dropped the boys off, the cub leader offered to bring them back so Huffle and I went for a drive, a walk and then back home to mend the front door screen.yay it was a success. Huffle is happy. He is still poorly but his tonsils are getting smaller. Small however, came home with that smell on his breath that tells me he could get his bad throat though he said he didn't feel bad. I made him gargle salt water anyway as a precaution. I also have a sore throat but I think it might be the beginnings of a cold as I am a bit snuffly and my ears popped earlier. Good god, I can hear even more now, this is ridiculous, I can hear a pin drop in next doors house!

The boys came home, they had had a great time and had made some zip hangers, had stories read around a fake campfire and met lots of others cubs and Beavers.

I like these.




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