Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Chick chick chick chick chicken.............

We had a storm in the night. Huge thundering thunder and massive flashes of lightning that I could see through tightly closed eyes. I counted and it seemed about seven miles away (if that's true about counting between the thunder and lightning). Suffice to say, this morning I was bleary eyed and tired. Huffle went off to work once he had checked the basement wasn't flooded (just a small trickle in the corner - phew). The boys went off to school. Smallest went off on his zoo trip with his waterproofs but forgot his hat (it was supposed to get hot later) so I jumped in the car and dropped it off for him. When the school asked for volunteers for the zoo trip I asked Smallest if he wanted me to go and he said no, so I didn't put my name down. Today he said he wished I was going! Kids! I set the hose going and had a text from NoCustard to say she could walk if I was still wanting to go. I text Mrs Royal and she text TeaLady and we all met up in the forest at 10am. It rained for most of our walk but it was glorious. The colours, the smells. Just lovely. And just what I needed to blow the cobwebs away!

We got absolutely soaked to the skin but it was a good walk and we kept the pace going.

We said our goodbyes and came home and I vacuumed the pool (I was already wet and I thought I would rather do it before my shower). The pool was not clear but it was getting clearer (I'm sure I said that all last Summer).

It was still raining and I got a bit wetter. Once I had finished the pool, I came in, had a shower and sat and had my lunch, catching up on emails etc.

Then I made Ginger Muffins as this lot love 'em. I skyped Moo as I was clearing away because I suddenly realised I had no idea what time she was arriving, or her flight number or anything, so organised!

I checked on the pool - still the same! I sat on the porch and waited for the boys. Then I cleaned and tidied the Sun Room. How many shoes does this family use?????

I put the dinner on. Small finished his homework and then they both went on their DS'. It is really hot outside but every now and then it kept raining. Huffle came home earlier than usual and we all had dinner. We all played football. It was very sticky and the bugs started to bother us so we sent the boys in for showers.

Huffle has had his chicken chest cut for the Summer!!!! Buk, buk, buk.

It was LittleElderflowerMeadows birthday this week. All ten years big in his Canada Day gear. Bless.

La la beach


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