Sunday, 19 May 2013

The search for the elusive beach

We were supposed to be having a slow morning but the weather forecast said it might rain in the afternoon, so our plan was to go to a beach and spend the morning there with a drink and a snack and then go to the chippy 2pm ish. We had breakfast and gathered all our stuff together and were out off the house in a reasonable time.

Huffle found us a new place to go. We parked up and the car was immediately covered in little flies. That didn't seem a great start, but we carried on, with chairs and umbrella and rucksack in hand. It was quite breezy and fleeces were needed. We had a nice walk past some hard hitting baseball players and onto a path that was a lakeside route from Oshawa to Toronto. We were quite high up and there seemed no way to get to the beach.

Also the beach was just stones. We walked back and got into the car, the flies by now had got into the car too. Then I realised I had lost my hat and Smallest's fleece. Huffle decided to go back and we watched the Harley Davidson Bikers in the car park. He found them at the furthest point we had walked. Poor Huffle.

We drove to another new beach and had a long walk again on the same route but further round. Again we were high up and couldn't get down to the beach. We turned around again, by which time it was nearly 12 midday, so we decided to drive to the chippy and come back to the beach afterwards.

We had a nice dinner and drove to a beach where Moo and I walked in the Winter. We parked very close to the beach this time, put up our chairs, it was very stony so nowhere to put the umbrella. It was quite cool and breezy. The boys built a dry stone wall and hid behind Huffle's chair to protect themselves from the breeze. In fact they got so warm there they had to come out and throw stones in the lake.

I went for a walk and was told by Huffle to bring him back something interesting for the garden. I came back with a log. He just laughed at me but we did bring it home. I went off again and walked further this time, bringing back some stones for Small, a gun stick for Smallest and a two really long sticks for Huffle. Again he laughed and text his Dad and they had a good laugh. We brought one of the long sticks home but couldn't fit the other in the car. We brought quite a few stones home (like we don't have enough!). Once you had a good walk along the lake, it got warmer. Huffle went off for a walk in his dog blanket.

We stayed for a while and then the boys were bored so we walked along the nature trail.

It was warmer and more sheltered but Smallest got tired and we walked back to the car and drove home. The boys were very annoying and silly in the car on the way home and Huffle and I tried to find some peace on our own in the garden once we were home. We sat and watched them play football but then they came and bothered us. They went off on their bike and scooter down the road and we sneaked in a game of badminton, when they came back they wanted to play too. While they went to get their raquets we ran away and hid down the garden but they found us. We all played Badminton. Smallest calls it BatMinton. The bat is what you hit with and the Shuttlecock is called a Minton! Very funny. We didn't play for long. We went and played Table Tennis but they found us again so we put Smallest in the bath and Small in the shower and went and sorted out clothes in the basement. We found a load of Small's old clothes out for smallest and put all the 'too small' clothes away in a big box for charity.

When the boys were nice and clean they had their tea in front of the TV. We escaped onto the porch and played Yahtzee. Huffle watered the garden and then Smallest tried on his new hand-me-downs. While he was trying his clothes on and waggling around in the nude, I heard him asking Huffle what the 'ball' things were for. I left Huffle to answer his question but it was something to do with wives, seed and future children! - we put the little stinkers to bed.

Our tree, with hair (now the leaves have grown) and Pat Butcher earring (Buggingham Palace)


There are supposed to be storms and rain coming for the next three days.



Anonymous said...

Can't believe it was so cool in Canada yesterday, we hit 30 in the afternoon and it was so humid! Yucky! Storms heading our way too, but we need some rain though. Little boys and their questions!!


Aunt Pear said...

Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall, listening to Huffle's explanation!

Aunty Miaow said...

Smallest does make me chuckle! Do we think AA will be required to share her bird and the pool wisdom on her next visit?! Haha! Bless him! xx

famfa said...

Oh god I hope not, not yet! So funny xx