Monday, 20 May 2013

How's your fridge?

Huffle and I went to bed late last night, we just didn't realise the time. Watching TV, playing on the computer, adding photos to Instagram etc etc, so imagine our surprise when at 5:30am our alarm started screeching. We jumped out of bed, it was the Carbon Monoxide alarm (OH NO NOT AGAIN, not a repeat of New Years Day 2010!). We got the boys out of bed, opening all the windows on our way downstairs, then the smoke alarm started too. I checked the loft and bedrooms but there was nothing. The boys and I sat in the Sun Room with all the doors open while Huffle checked the basement and cupboards etc. We checked online and it said we should open all windows and call the Fire Department. So we did.

Luckily we have a local fire station in the Hamlet and it is constantly manned. It wasn't long before they were here. They greeted Huffle with "How's your fridge?". Oh oh, they remembered coming here last year and checking out our burnt smelling fridge. They did a complete check of the whole house and there was no Carbon Monoxide present and definitely nothing was a fire risk.

The sun coming up

We thanked them, they went on their way and we all went back to bed. Of course, the boys were up at their normal 7am but Huffle and I slept on.

We think the alarms need replacing, they don't last forever and they were here when we moved in, better to be safe than sorry. Last night I wondered if that was the cause of my constant headaches, but obviously not. I woke up with a very sore throat. We decided to stay in today and have a 'list day'. We have a list and everyone writes a couple of things on it they want to do.



thanks for the day off

We started the day with a new invention of pancake. It was supposed to be an American Pancake but it turned into a fat crepe, very nice though with lots of fruit. The boys asked if I could make them again. I'm not sure I can as I added extra milk because I thought they were too thick and then an egg and some extra flour because it was too thin. Moo skyped us and we had our Monday chat. She has been out today to get us some 'stuff'. Ooooh how exciting.

The boys played nicely with their Lego. Then we all went out to the front garden and picked all the dandelions out of the lawn. We picked a whole wheelbarrow full (and I mean full). It was very hot and humid so we went in and played Ghostly Galleon and Pig goes pop, followed by Millionaire Monopoly Deal and Junior Pictionary.

At 2pm we stopped for dinner (well the boys played on the Wii and Huffle and I prepared and cooked on the BBQ'd. We sat outside in the shade. It was lovely. We had been invited to a BBQ today with a couple I really like but we just felt too battered to go. Small also had a request to go and play with his friend but we declined that too.

Ice-creams on the cool porch after dinner and then Small did his homework, Smallest played on the computer, I mowed the dandelions down in the back (yes again!!) and Huffle did some weeding.

Huffle took these. TL & BR our statue Foo Sing & children with me mowing in the background

BL : Madamme Poggle-Hall eccentric mower. TR : mower extraordinaire

He went for a shower while I blogged and the boys went on the Wii again. The day has moved quite quickly today but it has been tiring.

Huffle's artistic photo of the redneck wind-chime

There are some lovely things blooming today.

TL: lovely yellow/green tulip. TM: Allium just bursting into bloom. TR: Red pointy tulip

bottom : our front bit of garden


While the boys had their tea, we watched half of a film called Real Steel. Good so far. My throat is hurting really badly now, it feels like I am swallowing glass! Oh oh!


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Aunt Pear said...

Like the red neck wind chime, good photos. Drizzly then dry day here but as we don't celebrate Queen Victoria Day, we were at work. Good for Canada, they celebrate all and sundry with a day off, I'm all for it!