Sunday, 5 May 2013

Busy Bees and Scraped Knees

It was strange not having Small here last night. I didn't go in and check on him but I felt weird just checking on Smallest. We woke up in the night twice, firstly because the Coyotes were very close and had obviously caught something. lt's a frightening sound they make. Secondly, because Huffle heard a creak and he didn't know where it was coming from. It was actually Smallest going to the bathroom. Then for the next hour, at least, I lay in bed listening to his tummy gurgling, rumbling and playing the 1812 overture.

Huffle and I had a lie-in though we could hear Smallest watching the television just a little bit too loudly. We had breakfast and sometime after 10am Small came home. He had just gotten up. They hadn't gone to bed till midnight, "because that's what you do when you have a sleepover" said Small with his little piggy-not-enough-sleep-eyes. We gave him breakfast and then all went off to buy some plants and compost. The boys have decided they would like their own garden on the front so we are going to dig another small bed and let them put their plants in there. They are going to look after them. We also wanted to join our two beds up on the front as we struggled to get the mower round them yesterday.

Our blooms today

Two little bears pretending to drive and Small being a dog in a car

Our trolley was full of little plants, we paid and came home. We started on the boys garden with a 'bit' of help from them. Once we had removed the grass, we dug it over and the kids started planting. Smallest got bored and went and visited the Royals who then persuaded him to plant stuff for them - the cheek of it! Small carried on reluctantly.

TL: eager to get going. TR:Abandoned

ML: Digging up the grass. BL: Finished Garden with eccentric stick with Morning Glory planted to grow up

BL: having lunch.

We helped him to finish, had some lunch and then joined our beds together and planted our new plants.

TL: close up front bed. TR: Grandad Easter in bed

BL: view from our back garden across field. BR: Beds joined together

Two women walked past and said it was a nice garden. Mrs NoQuotey shouted over "it's looking good". A man passed and mentioned my red arms - " be careful, getting awfully red, I should know blar blar blar". YES THANK YOU. Mrs Rumbleskins mentioned that she gets the same thing and the same comments. We need a good comeback - any ideas? I know if I say its just my skin, people try and argue wth me and if I let them think they know what they are talking about, they go on and on!!, HELP!

We briefly Skyped Madame Courvoisier , Grandma and Grandad and heard about their Garden Tour. Look at the lovely photos they sent us on their Pensioner Bus Tour.

Both of our cars were washed by all of us. Small and Smallest made a lovely river going down our drive and then Smallest thought it would be a good idea to scoot down the river to a tight bend at the bottom and consequently fell over and scraped his back and elbows and made his white England top a muddy brown. His plaster from yesterday was barely visible and he asked if I would take it off for him. He cried as he thought it would hurt and he kept saying "don't take it off, please don't take it off". But I had already done it and he didn't even notice. He had a lovely long soak in the bath watching Puss In Boots on the IPad, while Small played on the computer. They swapped round so Small could have a soak and Huffle and I made a Roast Chicken dinner.

We all ate and then later had a Rhubarb and Strawberry pie for pudding, which we bought for when Grandma and Grandad were here but we forgot to eat it. Whoops.

The boys watched TV and Huffle and I sat on the porch - the sun was still so strong at 6:45. It is very strange. The sun's heat stays until it goes down. It certainly makes for a nice evening to sit on the porch. (When the Mosquitos aren't biting you).

We have booked for our pool to be open in a couple of weeks - yay, we could have gone in it today as the temperature was a beautiful 23*.



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Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Hmmmm I will have to think of some good comebacks. 22 degrees here and everyone thinks that it's chilly!