Monday, 27 May 2013


Smallest has kept me very busy today. In between me ringing the pool people and being on hold and being rung back, he has had me playing football, basketball, pushing him on the the swing, watching him scoot away up the road, making a soldier and gogo battle, playing Dinosaur Top Trumps, stick fighting, catching and throwing.

I did manage to wheel two incredibly heavy loads of soil from the bottom of the garden to one of the veg beds and then raked it and planted beetroot, Borlotti beans and French beans. I also hoed the front beds and dug some more of the new bit at the back. Busy lady.

I have been bitten many times today by mosquitoes and I have caught many if them them doing it. They are not itchy yet but I guess by tomorrow I will know about it!

Small came home and the boys had an ice lolly and then played in the garden together. It has been hot today. Though the temperature says 21*, when in the sun it has been baking, hot enough to use the pool. Ahhh the pool saga........

I rang just after 9:30am and spoke to the lady that should have rang me Wednesday and then again on Sunday when I left two messages for her to ring. I never mentioned the fact that she didn't ring, I didn't see the point (not like me at all). She said she didn't know about someone coming back to sort the pool so said she would speak to the person who came and then ring me straight back. She rang back about an hour and a half later whilst I was in the shower. She said someone would be out today and I told her we now had a different problem in that the water was disappearing by itself. She said she would need to speak to the person who came out before and would ring me back. She didn't ever ring back and by 4:30pm I rang and asked if anyone WOULD be coming out, they said they would and they work until 7pm. They turned up just after 5pm. The same two men. One with really bad attitude who accused us of moving the extension cable and winding it up and leaving under a pile of bikes. We argued a bit and then he told me that the electrics didn't work and that I had to bring out an extension from the house. When I asked how we were going to solve the problem as I didn't want it powered via the house, he started yelling about not wanting to be working at 5pm on a Monday evening. The other man was very nice and apologised for the other's attitude and thanked me when I brought out a cable from the house. I told him my husband would be home soon and he could deal with him as I didn't need this S**t either! They got things working and Huffle came home. The electric tripped and then the filter was broken. More expense. I left Huffle to discuss things with him. Huffle rang the shop and asked that the Manager ring me tomorrow on my mobile so we could get it all sorted ASAP.

Earlier the boys played catch outside with me until Smallest had a tantrum (not had one of those for a while - I think he's tired). He stomped off to his room, barricaded himself in so no-one could get in and sat there playing with his soldiers and go-Go's. Small and I played outside for a while and then Small played on the computer while I checked on Smallest. I couldn't get in his room. I asked him if he wanted to talk about it and he said no. I shut his door and left him to it while I stripped and made our bed. Then he came in and said sorry. We cuddled and I think we are fine now but I said he would have an early night.

Because I couldn't get out to do any shopping I had to use stuff I had previously frozen. We had Rainbow Trout (I think I bought it thinking it was salmon), cod, jacket potatoes, Cauli and peas. It seemed a strange combination but it worked really well. I think I like Rainbow Trout better than Salmon, it seemed less fishy.

The boys played outside with Huffle on Daddy's Driving Range.

We put the boys to bed and then Huffle tried to sort out the electrical problem. I read Harry Potter to Small and we laughed about the HouseElf called Winky whose Master couldn't do without his Winky. (The boys call their Willies 'Winky'. Since we have been here in Canada, we have found that a house Elf is called Winky, one of Smallest's letter sounds is called Winky Walrus and the people in Wizard of Oz are called Winkies. The kids think it's hilarious.


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