Friday, 31 May 2013


It was a hot and sticky night, we were glad of the air conditioning and we had the added extra of the ceiling fan on too all night. Huffle went off to work. Small woke me up but Smallest slept on until past 8 O'Clock. Sleepy socks!

Small went off to school with his Taekwondo kit ready for his lunchtime lesson.

Smallest and I drew and coloured in a lovely picture of our front garden before breakfast. We had breakfast, Smallest played on the computer and then we went off to knitting for an hour. Smallest took his DS and I took my cardi and started on my second sleeve. I have been invited to a Knitters Retreat in November - I am thinking about it. We left there, Smallest ate some of his lunch on the way. MasterM was already there, sending pupils back who hadn't bothered with "Hello MasterM" as they walked in. Some got sent back several times. Today he talked about the sun and how important it was to wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and have regular drinks. He asked what should you have when it is hot and Smallest put his hand up 'Ice-cream'. MasterM had a sly look at me and said well that should be for a treat really! Oh dear! Everybody had to show MasterM what they knew. They were quite good, they remembered a lot.

We came home, finished lunch and then went and checked out the pool. It didn't look too bad so I said Smallest could go in. He was a bit hesitant so we dangled our legs in, but it wasn't long before he was jumping in, swimming and lying on the Lilo.

We tried to Skype Grandma from the pool but my phone overheated and we lost her.

Small came home and jumped in too. They only had about ten minutes before I had to get them out to go to their swimming lessons. Small didn't want to go, preferring to stay in our pool but it was the last one so we had to.

They both had half a lesson of swimming and then fun. Small got to play water polo with loads of others and Smallest got to play in a funny boat. They both got their badges and I am a very proud Mummy.

We came home, Huffle was already there with dinner ready for the boys and lots of lovely things for me to try from his works Hawaiian pot luck. Small went off to play with his friend. Huffle and I cleared everything away from the pool and shut it up for the night. There is a storm a-brewing! Smallest and Huffle played with the Knex.

The air conditioning has gone back on again as the house is stifling!

The forecast said there are storms tonight, tomorrow and Sunday and I promised the boys we could go in the pool this weekend, though we do need to go and buy chemicals.

Not long now till Moo arrives.


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AA said...

Just thinking about how good Smallest's swimming is now compared to the last time I was in your pool. Well done boys!!