Thursday, 16 May 2013

Frank's Yellow Socks

Huffle went to work. Smallest went to school. Small sat and moaned about the raspberries I sneaked in his porridge (all in an effort to get him healthy). We sat and had breakfast and he said his throat hurt when he yawned and he now realises his stomach hurts from straining his muscles being sick. He ate a half bowl of porridge with blueberries (raspberries discarded because 'they tasted squishy'). I tried to read the Telegraph but Small insisted on chatting endlessly. He was very interested in what I did everyday while he was at school. I think he thought I sat around looking at the IPad. He was quite shocked when I told him what each day held for me. We made a deal today - two lots of homework, each equalling an hours computer. I had work to do in the garden (because I had to miss my circuit training and my walk in the forest) so I pretty much left him to it. I found out that Small is more demanding than Smallest. I thought I would just be able to get on with stuff but he called me in various times, to help with homework, to listen to something on the radio, to sort out the computer. Arrrrggghhhhh, back to school tomorrow.

When I mowed the grass the other day, it was in a effort to rid the lawn of those pesky dandelions before they flowered. At the time, the grass was a lovely green with no visible yellow anywhere. The day after, however, little pockets of yellow started appearing. Today, only two days later and the damn seeds are flying everywhere. Now next door pick them out individually so is it someone else's garden or is ours already in seed, speeded up by the curious weather we are having?

I did get to reshape the front garden as we couldn't get round it with the mower and I planted my Mothers Day plants and then swept the drive and had a general tidy up in the garden. The dandelions started to bug me so I tried to get the Strimmer to work but couldn't so I got the mower out again and started to mow down the little pests! I started by just mowing down the dandelions and then realised it looked messy so had to do the whole lot. I ran out of petrol at lunchtime so came in and Small and I had lunch. We skyped Grandma and she helped him with his homework while I put petrol in and finished the mowing. It took a while and it was very hot but it looks lovely now. The general tidy up looks good too.

I came in and Grandma was still on so I talked to Grandad about Apprentice, gardens, oil and the proper way to store the chain saw (it's leaking oil). Small finished his homework and had his second hour of computer and I went back out and dug a new bit at the back. My headache got worse. Every time I bent down and got back up, my brain knocked against my head (well that's what it felt like!) so I gave in and came inside for a shower and then Small and I sat on the porch and played cards. It was so windy, we had to use stones from my collection to keep the cards from flying away. See it is worth picking them all from the beach!

Smallest came home and we went into the back garden to play. We played football, played on the swing and Small and I moved a loads of rocks so that the outside tap wouldn't make a muddy puddle every time we use it. I dug a bit more but my head still hurt so I came in and made dinner while the boys played out.

I think they missed each other today. Apart from the odd 'spat' they played really well

I walked around the garden today looking for rusty things. Don't know why but I liked them.

Huffle came home and we all had dinner in front of Iron Man 2. We watched half of it and the boys were yawning like Hippos so we sent them to bed.

Huffle and I watched The Apprentice last night and tonight. We are now fully up-to-date, though I already knew who would go as I happened upon the information last night by mistake.

Small struggled to get to sleep this evening. It was very light in his bedroom and it didn't feel like nighttime, we told him to read and he came down to ask us which book he should start. Then he came down and said every time he breathed through his nose, it made him cough. Then again later he came down in tears saying he missed England, he missed his friends, he felt school was better there, it was easier to get to sleep. I think he was feeling a bit low being ill. It made me very sad to see him upset and we talked and talked to him about all sorts of things. We told him how pleased we were with his schoolwork and that he had some good friends here but his friends in England were still there and he should write to them if he missed them. He went to bed, then he came down AGAIN and said his head was full of 'stuff' and he didn't know how to get rid of it. We came up with lots of suggestions. He is going to be one tired boy tomorrow.



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Aunt Pear said...

Hope Small better today, thank goodness his homesickness is a rare occurrence. The boys have done brilliantly settling so quickly. I'm having breakfast before another fun filled day at work! Ps. Give he boys a hug from us. xx