Saturday, 11 May 2013

Nice not Mean

Yesterday when the boys asked if they could go on the Wii, I said they could if they told me one fact they had learned either at school or beavers or cubs. Small's reply was "ducks aren't good in a boat race". Smallest's was "you have to clean the world to make it good". I'm going to ask that question more often, see what answers they give.

Everyone slept beautifully. No interruptions. No noises. Or could have been that everyone was very very tired. Two boys who had done Taekwondo and Swimming. A man with strep and a Mum with aching limbs from Power Yoga.

Huffle and I got a lie-in (well I did mostly). We had a leisurely breakfast and once the boys were dressed they played on the Wii. Huffle went out and finished painting the porch and then finished the fence. Looks fabulous. I knitted and watched Call the Midwife which I have managed to find on a lovely blog called I am very grateful because I know this has been a major hit in the UK and it is on the second series here and almost at the end. This lovely blog so far has come up trumps with episodes 1-4 of the first series. I love it. I noticed they have other programmes on too like Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge. It was a lovely morning and everyone was pleased with what they did.

By 1pm we were hungry so we went out to Port Perry for dinner. It was cooler than it has been for ages so we had to wear fleeces and coats. We ate at our favourite Italian near the lake. Small and Smallest had Meatballs and Spaghetti. I had Fettucini in a garlic sauce (pwhooooar I'll smell nice!) and Huffle had a Canelloni. Mine was disappointing, though it did come with a nice salad. The boys asked if we could have ice cream there and we decided we would rather go to a proper ice cream place across the road. The boys had Vanilla and Buttscotch respectively and Huffle and I chose a small Gelato (as we love Italian Ice Cream). Huffle had Mixed Berry - his response was meh! Mine was Cappucino and tasted of Cinamon (anyone who knows me knows I can't bear Cinamon). I asked the girl (once I had licked it) if it had Cinamon in it and she said, 'i dont know, does it taste like it?'. YES IT DOES AND WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD RUIN A CAPPUCINO WITH CINAMON? I had to throw it away because it was awful.

We sat by the lake watching the boats while we ate.


I had a wander round and took some photos.

It's good for his throat!

The boys played on the park.

While we were out I asked if I was the best Mum in the World (I had seen a sign in a shop). Both boys said this "you're the best Mum make the best dinners (small), you give the best cuddles (smallest), you're nice and not mean (small)". Nice I'll take that!

Huffle went into a bakery and asked for a bag of plain scones (he had spied some the other side of the counter). The lady said "no they aren't for sale they are for orders only". Huffle said "right, thank you, rubbish!". Small said "why don't we just ring and order some". We decided to make some at home instead.

We left and popped into the supermarket on the way home. Once home, the boys played on the computer while Huffle made scones and I made muffins. Both turned out beautifully and we froze a load so we didn't eat them all. I have a new Muffin cookbook and I will be trying out different recipes every week and freezing them for school lunches.

We all played Monoopoly Millionaire Deal and the boys watched TV with their tea while Huffle and I attempted to mend the front door screen. I thought we had done a fabulous job till we fitted it in the door where we realised we had put the whole frame out of shape and it no longer fit. On trying to make the mesh tighter we put the frame even more out of shape (well I suppose I should take the blame here really). I now have to go and find a new frame for the door. Whoops.

The boys went to bed. I read Mr Chatterbox to Smallest (apparently I am Mr Chatterbix, how rude! Yesterday I was Mr Forgetful!). I read Harry Potter to Small, he is getting through it faster than I would have liked. I said he couldn't watch the next film until he was twelve because it was scary but it looks like he will be seeing it sooner than that!

Huffle and I had tea whilst watching Touch and sampling our scones, jam and cream. Yummy.

The pole we greased for the bird feeder worked. We sat there at breakfast today and watched a squirrel trying to climb and very very slowly gliding down. The chipmunks are also having a go now so I have greased it again. It amuses us if nothing else!

This isn't the one we grease as they haven't discovered this one yet!






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