Friday, 10 May 2013

Pole sliding

Another broken night's sleep. Too many noises. This is supposed to be a quiet little Hamlet. We have a busy bypass road away from the Village so why do the silly boys on their silly motorbikes feel they have to use our road as a race track and wait until I have fallen asleep? Then when the silly boys have gone to bed the coyotes start catching things and start whoop whoop whooping all night long. Then there are the toads that emit a high pitched noise and the Cicadas that rub their noisy legs together.

Huffle went to work, still feeling poorly, still no word from the doctors. Small went off to school in the rain that is supposed to fall until Monday. Smallest and I had a busy day planned. After breakfast and clearing up, we went out to knitting, me armed with my cardigan and Smallest armed with an IPad and his lunch, snacks and drink. There were only five of us there today but plenty of chatter. One of the women told me about visiting Straford Upon Avon, England, seeing a Shakespeare play and going to a tea shop where she asked for a cup of tea in a paper cup! WHAT? She said she wanted to wander around. They told her she could take her tea to the waters edge and wander along there with her cup and saucer. I was horrified that she would even WANT a tea in a paper cup. Deary me. Today I was being very English. When I was introduced as British, I said No I'm English. When asked did Huffle like Rugby or Soccer, I said FOOTBALL! They don't mind, they are starting to understand my humour now.

We left there just after an hour so we could drive to Taekwondo. Small and Smallest were doing it today at school at lunchtime, so I packed Small off this morning with his Dobuk and Smallest changed into his at the knitting shop. He also ate his lunch on the way.

The lesson went well. Though I sat and watched and listened and took it all in so I could help Smallest with his moves later. Bless him he was getting his legs and arms mixed up. At one point the Master asked if anyone had anything planned for Mothers Day. Smallest put his hand up and I put my fingers in my ears and turned to look at one of the other mums. She told me when I could listen again. He talked for a long time!!! The Master told them that it was Mothers Day every day and they should treat us with respect and love all the time. He told them although Mums love presents and cards, they would much prefer them to listen first time round - YES, tidy their rooms - YES, be loving and kind - YES YES YES!

We left school and came home. Smallest reminded me as we walked in the door that we were supposed to be picking up his friend to come and play for the afternoon. We drove to his friends house, picked him up and the boys played really nicely for the rest of the afternoon until his Mum came to pick him up bout 3:45. While they played, I managed to make dinner, attempted to mend the front door screen but cut it out wrong and so mended the back door one and the loft window one instead. Small came home and we got ready for swimming.

Swimming went well as usual. Small swam many many lengths and I watched Smallest do proper front crawl. Very good. I got a message from Huffle saying that he had gone to the doctors again and they told him he had strep and gave him pills. HURRAH! We came home and Huffle had put dinner on and broke the cooker. There were error messages all over it. We managed to turn it off eventually on the circuit breaker. Then it was fine.

The boys watched TV and Huffle and I played table tennis.

Believe it or not, the only photo taken today was by Huffle of me greasing the bird feeder up because the chipmunk was stealing the food today.



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Aunt Pear said...

Well done the boys for their swimming. Takes me back to sitting in the viewing area at Enderby Leisure Centre for years, but worth it, meant so much fun on hols as they are both proficient swimmers. I still enjoy watching them swim. Give our love to Huffle, get well soon. xx