Saturday, 4 May 2013

May the Fourth be with you

Last night Huffle and I watched a TV programme called Duck Dynasty, on Grandad's friend's Quiche's recommendation. Although it was a reality show, it was a bit 'staged'. Basically it was about Rednecks who live in a mansion. We are not sure what their business is or how they made their millions but it was something to do with ducks. We have a couple more recorded so will see if things become clearer, the more we watch.

I woke up thinking I could hear but one ear is very clear (everything is too loud and noises are distorted because all sound is directed to my right ear), and the other ear is very deaf. it's going to be a long day.

This morning Huffle decided to dress up as Darth Maul (Smallest's costume) and scare the kids as it was May the fourth. We made a video and sent it to Apple TV where we hoped the boys would be watching.

They weren't watching, so they missed it. I had to go downstairs, ask them to put Apple TV on a and then play the video. They weren't scared, they thought it was hilarious. Huffle came down in the costume and Smallest wrestled it off him.

After breakfast, we went off for a day out in Historic Bowmanville for a Maple Syrup and Jazz Festival. We were all a bit wary of the term 'festival' because we have been caught out by that word before. However, as it didn't promise 'fun' we were hoping for something resembling a fete. On the way I suddenly remember we had been to Bowmanville before and it didn't offer much as a place, but we carried on regardless. All the car parking and side streets were full which seemed a good sign.

Smallest greeting Mr Icecream

The Main Street was packed on either side with stalls offering wood carvings, jewellery, doughnuts dusted with Cinamon and maple syrup, rides and quite a few people.


It was a nice atmosphere with a spattering of big band music and Jazz.

The boys all tried the Maple Donuts and bought me a lovely glass heart for Mothers Day, which I will now forget about until next weekend when I will be delighted they chose something I would have picked for myself. We visited the fair and the boys chose to go on a ride, unfortunately Smallest was not big enough to ride without an adult and as I am still having trouble with my ears (good excuse) Huffle had to go on with them.

Once we had walked down the street, sampling maple syrup, eating donuts, checking out the stalls, walking back down again and finding a British Shop that made Old Fashioned Britih Pastries and Pies, we bought a custard Vanilla Slice, Millionaires Shortbread and a Curranty thing that we can't remember the name if.


Next we searched for somewhere to eat dinner. We found a place called Hanks. Small chose Pizza (it was a small frozen pizza) with chips, Smallest chose Burger (not a great one) and chips, Huffle had a Chicken Kaiser (which was okay) and I had fish and chips. The Chips were lovely, home cooked, not greasy ones. The fish was soft and squishy and the batter oozed fat. When the waitress asked if everything was okay, I told her my fish was too greasy. She said she would get me another. I ate the Chips and I had a tiny cob which was nice, then my second fish came, much the same as the first. She came and checked with me again and Huffle asked her if it was a frozen fish. She said it wasn't. I showed her the inside and then I squeezed the batter to show her how greasy it was, she took it away and then told a man to go and check the fish. They ended up taking our drinks off the bill, it was something.

We came home, stopped at a shop for the boys to have an ice cream ...........................

..............and came home to get Small ready for his sleepover at Cogs House. We all cycled and scooted to Cogs, dropped him off and cycled back, briefly stopping at Smallest's friends house on the way. Huffle, Smallest and I had our British Cakes and a cup of tea in the garden whilst Skyping Grandma and Grandad.

Huffle and I got a pipe running out of the pool cover to clear it of water ................

...............and then we started mowing. Huffle and Small checked over the mower and bought some petrol to fill it up.


Smallest fell off his scooter and got a hurt elbow.

We had a game of football once the pitch had been cut and then Smallest watched TV and had his tea while Huffle and I enjoyed the last bit of the evenings sunshine on the newly painted porch.


Some lovely yellows in our garden
Some sky, chimney and planes

....and trees and roofs.

Then once Smallest was in bed, we set about trying to replace the insect mesh in the front door screen. A tricky job, I'll let you know how we got on!!!!



Aunt Pear said...

What a gorgeous blue sky, lovely photos. Hope Small had a good sleep over and Smallest's arm feels better, oh and your ears get sorted soon! x

Jumbleberries said...

And may the fourth be with you. Sounds like you had a fun Star Wars Day.

Jumbleberries xx