Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Nearly Open Pool

Huffle and I went to bed before 9:30pm last night and we tried to watch the last episode of My name is Earl but were both asleep by 9:45pm. If we had a storm it wasn't a bad one and although we drifted in and out of sleep I think we got a good sleep in the end. When I woke in the morning my throat felt a little bit better, my head wasn't thumping but my body still ached and I felt incredibly tired.

8am - foggy

I got Small off to school. Today we should have gone to the river to watch the school salmon (they have been growing them) being released but we had to be there by 8am and I just couldn't manage it. Small later told me that they released 86, all alive and two of them had heads! Small thought that was very strange, why wouldn't they have a head? We looked at the cycle of a Salmon and it seems they start at an egg, then an Aelvin and then a fry - small fry! Ha, wondered where that was from. You learn something new everyday!

Smallest played on the computer part of the morning and then we got a difficult puzzle down and started it. The pool people turned up and we went to see how they were getting on. It appears that our filter system has a broken pipe and some other bits broken. He said someone had tried to get into the filter since he had closed it in the autumn. I guaranteed that no-one had touched it. We are wondering if the people who used to live here broke it as they used to open and close the pool themselves. The pool people did some clearing of the pool and a check that we had everything else in place, gave us a quote (shhhh, don't tell Huffle!) and said they would be back tomorrow or Friday to fit the part, vacuum the pool and open it properly. We should be up and running by the weekend.

Smallest and I played catch with the baseball mitts and he scooted and went on the swing.

He picked some more dandelions

We came in to do some puzzle and Smallest had lunch while I carried on puzzling. I watched him scoot backwards and forward along the path again (he had to stop to bring back a very long stick).

We filled the pool and cleared some more leaves.

Later, Smallest planted some sunflowers in his garden while I took photos of the lovely things growing.

We are having a sunflower competition to see who can grow the tallest. Small and Smallest have done theirs.


Lady's Mantle......Hosta

I made a hearty carrot and tomato soup for dinner (get some goodness into us all) and Smallest and I sat on the Porch waiting for Small to come home. Once home, the boys played on their DS' while Grandma skyped me. The boys started fighting and I ended up taking Small's DS away from him. They went upstairs to play but ended up fighting again. I sent them to the showers. When they came down all nice and clean, they played nicely together with the K'nex and built some magnificent structures.

Huffle came home. We all had dinner. A storm started, bit of rain, bit of thunder - nothing too bad.

Small watched TV, Smallest played with the K'nex and Huffle and I sat and reflected on our day. I am feeling a little more human, thank goodness, still a very sore throat and aching limbs and very very tired, another early night for us I think. Huffle is back to normal apart from feeling tired and Small says he is fine.

One of my lovely and very brave friends is in a production of Calendar Girls and she gets to take all her kit off. I couldn't do it. If you live anywhere near, (Fleckney Leicestershire) please go and see it for me, I would have been there for sure!

That's her sitting at the piano (gorgeous)



Aunt Pear said...

Great photos, love he foggy one.

AA said...

You're getting your small and smallest mixed up. Who's your proof reader?? ;)


famfa said...

Thanks AA, I have amended, I think you know who my proof reader is. Moo here soon, she will be my new one, has to be an improvement. Xx