Thursday, 30 May 2013

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Small had to wake me this morning. I was dreaming about being on my bike and having a puncture and I really didn't want to wake up because I knew I would have to blow my tyre up! Wonder what that means?

Phew it was a hot one today. 28* with humidity up high making it feel very very warm indeed. Once the boys had gone to school, I got ready for Yoga, jumped on my bike (no puncture) and entered the warm basement of the class. It was a full turnout today, which in a way was nice because there were new people but it also made it even hotter. Once we had finished I cycled back home via The Royals for a chat and sorted out a game of golf for Huffle. He has been desperate to play for ages. It will be Monday with Mr Royal, his son, Umbrella and Mr R's dentist. It is first thing so he can get back to work for the afternoon if he wants to. He was very pleased.

Once home I decided to get the mower out while I was hot and sticky. It wouldn't start. So I put petrol in it. It wouldn't start. So I put oil in it. It wouldn't start. So I came inside, looked at google, put my engineers hat on and found the battery, twiddled some wires and it started. Wahooo, look at me! The grass was still a bit wet so it clumped a bit but I managed to get the back done but as the sun wasn't properly on the front, I came in for a break. I skyped LizzieDotDot because I knew she would be going away on holiday in a couple of days. I chatted to Art, Bomberdill, Bernard, Mr W and LizzieDotDot. We had a good catch up and messed around with WhatsApp.

I went out and finished off the front and then swept up my mess on the drive and the paths. I was just wondering whether I had to sweep the road, as I had left a lot of grass on there, when I noticed the cars driving past were moving it for me. Result!

While I was still sticky, I planted the pansies I brought back from work and then came in and had a lovely refreshing shower. Huffle rang to say he had been invited to okay golf this evening which was fine by me as I had only planned on making Pizza and me and the boys could watch a movie as it was so hot outside. Shame we can't use the pool yet. I rang the pool people and told them I had tested the water and it said that everything was high which is unusual. They suggest I 'shocked' it tonight (I'll show it my bum ha ha) and then take in a sample tomorrow if it still isn't clear. I forgot how much trouble this bloomin' pool was!

I picked up an answer phone message today from school - it was Smallest. His teacher has been trying to get them to remember their address and phone number and as a treat allowed them to call home, shame I missed it. "Helooooooooooo I know my number" in the background someone said 'say goodbye then' "bbbbyyyyeeeeeeeeeee". Very funny. The other day when he was off school I decided it was time he learnt how to tell the time. With Small, I told him o'clock, quarter past, quarter to and Half past and the rest he got on his own. In fact I didn't really teach him, I just pointed them out, but that is how Small is, you tell him something and he knows it! Smallest, however, needs a bit more. I have been trying for ages but it just hasn't been sinking in. So I sat with him for about an hour while we were having lunch and I drew pictures and tested him and eventually he got it. Clever little man. We still have to work out 5, 10, 20 past and to etc but we said we would work on that tomorrow. He is very pleased with himself and I am very proud of him.

I sat on the porch (shaded) waiting for all my boys to come home and then got them sandwiches, ice poles, drinks etc. Still very warm. Would not want to be playing golf in this! I don't know if you remember the Winter Carnival here in February, but I entered one of my soups in the soup and chilli contest. I was most disappointed that I didn't win anything and vowed never to take part again (all the soups except mine were meaty). Well it turns out that I did win a prize after all. 3rd place (now I can't remember how many entered, I know it was more than 3 but possibly not more than 5).

All the boys arrived home pretty much the same time, Huffle grabbed his sandwich, drink, clubs and socks and ran out again.

He doesn't want me to show you that he was wearing socks with his sandals! Tut tut

The little boys grabbed their ice lollies and sat with me on the porch and then went inside (lovely and cool) to play on the computer. I sat on the porch and watched the birds and played on my phone. (And took photos of course).

I came in and we all made pizza, cooked it and sat in front of one of our favourite films, Up. Fabulous film. It rained very strangely. The sun was out and it was hot but it bucketed down and then just stopped. We watched the whole film and then I attempted to put the kids to bed. We sat in front of the fan and finished reading The Fir Tree which Aunty A bought us for Christmas. It's not often when it's just me and the kids and that is the only time we read it. Lovely story. We have decided we will read it every Christmas.

Once I got them settled I went and checked on the pool. This time all levels were OK. I 'shocked' it anyway in the hope that tomorrow it will be the sparkly loveliness that everyone else has in their pools! I watered the plants and got many many bites on my legs. It is still (9pm) really hot. All windows are open and all fans are on. I don't know how the aircon works so if it needs to go on, it will have to wait for Huffle. Talking of Huffle, this is what he found on his golf course this evening.....

The boys came down several times, tummy ache, too hot, Smallest was making a noise, Small couldn't sleep! Huffle came home, closed all the windows and put the air conditioning on. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We don't often put it on. I much prefer windows open and proper air flow but at the moment there is no air flow. It's stifling. Next week is supposed to go down to 9*. Freaky weather.




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