Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Car 'sick'

Small complained of a poorly throat last night after he got back from Cubs and when he got up in the morning he was sick. He stayed off school, luckily Huffle needed to stay off too this morning as he got his Winter Tyres changed. So once Smallest went off in the school bus by himself, I went off to work. Today was lettuces.

Huffle and Smallest waiting for bus. Ahhhhh

Getting them ready for selling next week, clearing the dead leaves off and weeding. We had a good long coffee break with some yummy Maple Squares one of the ladies made. I finished off the lettuces, watered the vegetable garden and went on my way with a lettuce plant, three pepper plants and several different tomato plants. I came home about 11:30 as Huffle text me to say that Small had been sick several times.

Huffle worked from home for the rest of the day. Smallest was sick a few more times. I planted some bits and pieces on the vegetable garden (hope I haven't done it too early). Small came down and we played cards and Scrabble and had lunch (no lunch for Small as he couldn't even keep his medicine down).

I have been really cold today. I normally open up all the windows upstairs to get the fresh air in to try and get rid of any bad bugs (ha!) but I had to close them all. Probably cos I spent a good deal of the day sitting around with Small. I rang school and asked if Smallest could bring home any homework because I am guessing Small will be off for a few days at least and last time he was off his homework stacked up and it was too much to get done. At least at home he can do little bits at a time. The secretary was very pleased because she said it gave her an excuse to call Smallest out of his class and chat to him.

Small needed a lie down so I mowed the grass which took me an hour and a half.

Awful photo of me but its hard to look glamorous when you're sitting on a tractor - look at all those bloomin' dandelions!!!

Smallest came home. He had brought some homework for Small but his water bottle had leaked all over the books. Oh dear. Smallest played on the computer. I came in and tidied and made dinner and Huffle and Small (and a sick bowl) went off to the doctors. It took a long time for them to see a doctor, but they did and she gave him more antibiotics but a longer course this time. We have now got individual towels in all the bathrooms so we are not sharing germs as Strep is highly contagious and with Huffle and Small both having it, the likelihood that Smallest and I will get it, is, I guess quite high! The boys went to bed and Huffle and I sat and watched TV and sighed.


Smallest's dinner


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