Saturday, 25 May 2013


It was an early start to the weekend. 7:30am Huffle jumped out of bed. Smallest had to be ready for 8:15am to be picked up by Beaver Bear (MrJacksonFive) to go off for the day to his Beaveree. Smallest had to be woken as he was still in a deep sleep. He had got his money from the fairy so he was happy. He had a quick breakfast and put his uniform on ready. He went off with his little friend EwFive for a fun day.

Small, Huffle and I had breakfast and then off we went to the Hamlet's Garden Club Plant Sale where we bought a box full of plants for $14 - a bargain! Then we went off to the supermarket to buy a present for the party Small was at today.

Lizard boy in the toy aisle

We had a bit of lunch before dispatching Small at his party and then Huffle and I had a few hours all to ourselves. We spent the time going to a local village Spring Fair. We went last year and we really liked it. We parked at one end of the road and meandered down the bunting laden street, with yard sale, tea garden, bake sale (where we bought some cakes for the boys), book sale, plant sale (where we bought two ferns), wooden carvings, wool spinning and an old fashioned chip and ice cream van where we partaked in a cheeky ice cream.

Huffle had to walk back up the intensive incline back to the car to put the plants in and then I had to walk back up the hill to put the cakes in the car. While we ate our ice creams we wandered through the animal petting farm, past the musicians, the beer tent and the burgers and walked along the trail into the forest.

The forest was lovely. It was full of ferns and we followed the babbling river.

We spotted many lovely things in there and could have walked for ages but we wanted to get back to the fair. The floor of the forest was full of tree roots which I kept tripping over. We said that if Smallest had been with us, he would have been over many times.

We walked back towards the music, checked out what goodies the crochet lady made and then went to say hello to the sheep. There was a silly woman with a dog and she kept saying to the dog "oooh you haven't seen sheep before have you?".

We don't see sheep here on the fields. Ahhh I miss them baaaaaaa

We walked back up the hill and sat in the church gardens in the sunshine with a cup of tea in a china cup and saucer with a scone and jam. Lovely.

Next we drove home but on the way we stumbled across some bee hives on a road that went nowhere.........

and started putting the new plants in their new homes. Smallest, EwFive and BeaverBear came home. We chatted about the Beaveree and they went home and left us with Smallest. He got changed, played on the swing, had a quick go on his DS and then went on the computer. He looked tired.

He has been telling us about his day. There were all the beavers there and they were split into groups. It was a superhero day and they did some drawing and colouring, obstacle course, ate hot dogs and watermelon, made a musical shaker, croquet and sponge throwing at the leaders. He had a fabulous time.

Huffle and I carried on planting and finished off two more veg beds. We put in beans, onions, courgettes and lettuce. It is looking a picture.

I rang the party to see if Small wanted anything or needed to come home and he asked for a sleeping bag and pj's and wanted to stay. I took him some essentials - who knows when he will be home!

Huffle and I had dinner, Smallest had tea and we listened to him telling us about the Beaveree before he had a quick shower (dirty knees) and went off to bed.

Last night Huffle and I watched 'so you think you can dance'. Love it. Some very talented people out there.


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Aunt Pear said...

What a lovely area you live in, no wonder you chose the house. Looked an excellent day 4all.