Thursday, 2 May 2013

3 babies in a bag

Still deaf, completely in one ear and partially in the other. Once I had packed the kids off to school and had breakfast, I got my gardening tools out, jumped on my bike and cycled to the other end of the Hamlet. There I joined two other ladies and we set about clearing up the Community Garden.

We weeded, raked, cleared and cut back. I found a nest of baby rabbits which all jumped out and tried to run away. It was obvious they were very young as they had trouble running. We caught three of them but we think there might have been more. We put them in a big paper leaf bag until we had finished the garden.

The lilac is my shoe which shows how tiny the rabbit was. Bless, it just sat there huddled up to my foot.

Three babies in a bag

My hayfever kicked in big time. I didn't have pills with me and my eyes and nose were streaming and my head banging like a bass drum. What is it that sets it off? So there I am standing in the middle of a garden not hearing, not seeing and sniffing like a toddler, trying not to step on baby rabbits. Arrrggghhhh. One and a half hours later, with a bike basket full of used tissues, we finished. We put the rabbits back in their nest and left them to it. I met a nice lady today who told me where to dig up boxwood trees and Hostas and said I could visit anytime. She has dogs and chickens. Smallest would love it. I promised to go once I could hear properly. I cycled home, stopped for a chat with Drew and came home for a cup of tea and an Antihistamine. My eyes were red and puffy. I waited till the pills kicked in and went out and bought some pansies, geraniums and few other little plants to go in pots and baskets. Then came home, had a late lunch and went out and planted all my purchases.

I planted the urns on the porch, two hanging baskets, a pot planter near the gate, a pot of pansies by the well, three plants went in the front garden and I repotted a few things from last year. I also planted some things in the veg beds.

Veg bed no1 (carrot, parsnip, leeks, lettuce, marigolds

Some marigolds to keep the caterpillars away from the lettuce and some broccoli. I watered everything in, tidied away and sat on the porch waiting for the boys. We went for a quick bike and scoot up the road and back, stopped to chat to ClownRose and BabyMo.

The first thing they said as they jumped off their bikes was "can we have a water fight?". They filled a bucket with water, one had a spray gun we use in the pool and the other had a sponge! They got absolutely wet through and mucky!

I sent them up for showers while I started on dinner. Tonight we had a BBQ. Homemade burgers, sausages, salmon, jacket potatoes, mushrooms and salad and beans. It was nice to sit outside. Once we had cleared away we cleared up the canes the boys had been using for teepees and dens and then had a game of football.

The boys came in and watched TV before bed, Hufle painted the porch deck and I had a shower. I have a bite from yesterday that has got yucky stuff in, so much for thinking I might not get infected this year! I have about six bites from yesterday and another three or four from today that are swelling already. Probably should have started my Vitamin B by now. Whoops.

Perfect photography day for me too.


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