Monday, 6 May 2013

Gyppo's for the evening

Huffle had to wake me this morning and I had to wake Small. Both of us were in a deep sleep. Huffle and Small went off. Smallest played on the computer while Moo skyped me. We can't believe it is only four weeks on Wenesday till she is here.

Smallest and I went out shopping this morning. First we went to change his sandals into a size that fits him. He chose the ones he wanted and then chose some trainer socks for him and Small.

He wants me to tell you that he is a chicken and he has just laid an egg!

Next we went to a clothes shop and he chose himself some shorts and we got a couple of pairs for Small too. Then we did some food shopping. By the time we got home it was past 1pm so we had lunch. Smallest in front of the TV and me on the porch in the dappled sunshine. Today the temperature was 30* in the sun room. 28* outside the back door (sun trap) and about 23* everywhere else. Moo said the sun was out in England and it was hot (about 19*) Mrs Rumbleskins informs me that at 22* in Oz, they think its cool (not Fonz cool but cold cool!).

The afternoon was spent in the garden in the sunshine. Scooting, football, swinging, biking over to the Royals for a quick chat. Inside for a cooling drink and then back out for more football. Small came home and we played more football, swinging and then got the badminton net out. We came in eventually for dinner and a cool down and the boys played on the Wii.

....and we played the new horseshoe game I bought for playing on the beach.

Good action shot. Not sure where the shuttlecock is.

Both boys went Cubs and Beavers this evening. Smallest let off rockets (good god!) in the Legion Field ...........


........................and Small went on a hike in the woods. Huffle and I left Smallest and drove Small to the conservation park where we then left him with one of the Mums as the ladder was running late. She sprayed him liberally with bug spray. Huffle and I then drove around the small sideline roads looking for houses that had been knocked down recently on the Federal Lands. We have been told there are many plants and trees to be had here as no-one owns them. We couldn't find much but saw some nice sights anyway. I have an email of someone who will show me where these plants can be got and I will contact her - she said that Smallest and I could visit her and her dogs and chickens.

On the way to pick up Smallest we saw a wicker table and two chairs put out for the rubbish. We collected the table and one chair, perfect for our porch. We picked up Smallest, checked out a coffee table on the other side of the road (no good) and came home. I feel like a gypsy tonight.

MrsM rang me this evening to see if I would still go and garden with her at the Royal York - YES YOU TRY AND STOP ME! I have asked the Royals to help me out in the morning and they are coming to put the boyson the bus so I can leave early. HOW EXCITING!

Small came home saying that the bug spray hadn't worked. Oh well, it was worth a try.

One thing that made me laugh (and worried slightly) was watching Smallest today in the check-out queue. He stood staring at the chocolate, normal children would be saying "can I have one of these?", not Smallest, he starts lining them up and putting them the correct way so the names are all the same way. Whoops, a bit of OCD creeping in there? He was quite happy, in fact he was in a world of his own. He never looked at me or spoke to me. He did a good job, should he fail at being a footballer (his choice, not mine) he would make a lovely shelf packer.


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Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Ha ha, OCD = another family trait. Our biggest brother has many examples to share!