Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Everyone went to be early last night and bar a few interruptions, coyotes, wolves howling, raccoons playing in the recycling (or was it Otto next door drunkenly falling over his beer bottles?) and Smallest waking after a dream, I think we all slept fairly well. Small still has little piggy eyes so not fully rested yet. Smallest seems well. Huffle still has a sore throat and I woke with my headache (can't be the wine now!).

Huffle went to work but said he would take it easy and come home if he needed to. Small went off to school but forgot his golf clubs (lesson today) so after breakfast Smallest and I popped to the school to deliver them for him and also drop off a prize for the SpringFest basket (it was a pink sparkly handbag for a princess theme and Smallest was too embarrassed to hand it in!).

Then we went off to the doctors to have my ears syringed. I got called before my appointment which was a good start. Then the Doctor came in, looked at Smallest and I, asked if we were well, I told him I still couldn't hear and he said "oh that's not right" as he looked in my ears. He said he couldn't syringe in the room we were in, so he tried to move me to another room but it had a man in there with a very big toe. the doctor asked if I would go in the waiting room as the Big Toed Man was already being treated. He called me in again after about five minutes and while I was waiting for the syringing stuff the receptionist tried to bring in a lady with no shoes. Maybe it was FOOT day. He Syringed both ears (with warm water Moo!) and NOW I CAN HEAR (okay, no need to shout!). There wasn't an awful lot of speaking but he did the job well so that's all I can ask.

We popped to get some milk and and then came home. Smallest played on the computer so he could finish the game he was playing on before I dragged him out. We had lunch and I planted some bulbs, planted the blueberry bush, dug up a bit of grass at the back and weeded one the veg beds. It started to get really close and muggy. I checked the weather forecast for the rest of the week and it is rain, rain, rain until Monday. BOOOOOOOOOOO. Smallest blew lots of bubbles today.

Smallest and I biked and scooted around the Hamlet and back home and then played Badminton, Volleyball, Catch and fix the outside box and clear the rubbish out (which was my favourite and most productive game). Oh and blew some more bubbles. We had a lovely text chat with MsGreen, sending photos. Nice to chat with old friends.

A bubble that landed on the glass table outside

I skyped Grandma who showed me around the garden and then got herself locked out. I sent Grandad a text to let her in and he said No :). naughty man!

Small came home and did his homework. Huffle came home early and hoovered up the ants that had come in from outside. I made meatballs and Beetballs and we all had dinner. Poor Huffle he is still not feeling so good. Another early night I think tonight for all of us.

I took this photo for LittleGreen as she misses him. He is so handsome - looks just like the Milkman (had he not been a woman!)

The boys all disappeared upstairs to sort out a plan for Sunday. Sounds ominous. I was asked what I would like to do for Mother's Day and I said I would like a picnic on the beach. However the forecast now being rain may spoil that. I would also like to see the Trilliums in the forest. Perhaps if it is not too rainy.

It was a beautiful day for cloudy photos.




Aunt Pear said...

Lovely photo of Small, can you email it? Hope it doesn't rain for your Mother's Day and spoil your plans. x

AA said...

Yay! Welcome back to hearing.