Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Four Seasons in One Week

Small was up at 3am being sick. Poor little man.

It was thundering when I got up. Huffle went off to work, tired but his throat is fine now, almost a weeks tablets left. Small got up this morning and ate a crumpet with jam, it took him about two hours but once he had eaten it, he felt so much better. I think he was relieved it stayed in his tummy. Mrs Royal came round first thing and sat with the boys, Smallest playing cards and Tumbling Monkies with her and Small just sat in front of the TV. I took my car to the garage to have my Winter Tyres changed. I also walked to school and picked up some homework for Small and had a chat to his former teacher. She said she was worried about Small, worried he was going to the 'dark side'. She said there were some silly boys in his class and Small seemed to be copying them as far as attitude and being disrespectful. I like this teacher and I was glad she came to me. I said I would have a word but I did feel like his current teacher was partly to blame as I knew the parents and the students didn't respect her. She told me that Smallest's teacher would be teaching him next year (umm that could be interesting - she certainly won't stand for any nonsense). The teacher I was talking to was moving back to Kindergarten and Small's teacher, that he didn't like, was taking a year off. GOOD! That will help! I spoke to Small when I got back and he said he wasn't being disrespectful to her, it was a misunderstanding which I believe him because what he says makes sense. I have asked him to to speak to her about it in a nice way and explain.

Mrs Royal and I had a coffee. Grandma had skyped while I was out and had a chat with Mrs Royal and the kids. Mrs Royal was about to leave when the phone rang - my car was ready. Mr Royal gave me a lift to the garage and when I had paid my bill and looked for my car, we realised my car wasn't ready. To cut a long story short, I had to walk back home and let Mrs Royal go home. She had been coaching Smallest on how to answer the telephone. I.e. Hall Residence, Smallest speaking, please state your business (not the last bit, I added that) and when she got home she rang him. He answered with 'poo speaking'. She told him to try again and rang him back. This time he answered with "Smallest speaking".

Smallest had a bath after we had played outside for a while and walked in the wooded bit.

It was a bit too much for Small though we hadn't gone far

Small seemed much better and after lunch and some homework, we played cards outside in the sunshine. It was really hot but very windy. We left the cards outside while Small had a bath and I came out to check on any wind damage. The cards had spread themselves all over the garden, drive and Otto's garden. I had to go round and ask if we could have our cards back.

I finished my knitting and crochet. Ladybirds for a party Smallest is going to.

I swept the drive and the porch but by the time Huffle came home, it was as it was before. Well that was a waste of time. We had dinner and then while Huffle played football with the boys I walked to get my car. This time it was ready and I drove it home.

I played football with the boys briefly before the bugs staring bugging me and Huffle and I walked around the garden. There is a bit of damage from snow, wind, rain and cold spells but not too bad, the are some nice things coming out.

P.s. Huffle and I watched The Apprentice UK last night. It was a breath of fresh air to hear the BBC tune and watch a while programme with no adverts. Loved it. Someone mentioned to us that one of the apprentices looked like Frank Sidebottom. We knew which one it was immediately.



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