Friday, 24 May 2013

Dear Tooth Fairy.....

Full night's sleep. No storms. We woke up to just 3* with promises of 13*. Small went off to school, firstly dressed in shorts and tee-shirt and then a fleece and then a quick change into jeans. Smallest woke this morning to find his front wobbly tooth had come out (yay) but that he just might have swallowed it (booooo). We are going to draw the fairy a tooth and write her a letter and hopefully she will still leave some money for him. He wasn't very happy first thing.

Smallest and I went knitting briefly (I had to find out what is going on with my giant long sleeve - it seems I have been reading the pattern wrong, twice). We had a good laugh, it was a full house there today. Saw this fabulous wool, made from the sheep in my hometown, I was very proud.

We left the knitting shop and drove to school for Smallest's Taekwondo lesson. He was the first there. MasterM spoke to him and Smallest told him about his tooth. He assured him that the fairy will not forget him and suggested he wrote her a note and maybe draw a picture (exactly what we said). Small also had his lesson. Before the class started the other boys ran round and round the gym and Smallest sat nicely next to me (I wonder if he would have if I hadn't been there). MasterM started by telling them that they shouldn't come in and run around, they should say Hello with eye contact. In fact whenever they come into their house, a friend's house or class, they should always say hello to the teacher, parents, friend's parent. I like that. Too many people these days walk into a room and don't say Hello or even speak or get eye contact - that's just plain rude in my book. He told them that if they are playing or watching TV and one of their parents or Grandparents walk in, they should stop what they are doing and say Hello. Yes MasterM I agree. He also said that a younger person should speak first to the older person as that shows more respect. He made them all go back to the door and walk in one by one and say "Hello MasterM" to him.

Whilst they were doing their class today, two small girls were messing around. One of them was actually sitting biting her toe-nails which was just wrong! He made Smallest sit in between them and told them they should watch him and behave like him as he had good concentration. He also got Smallest to fight with him. (Non contact).

I watched both boys today and Small seemed to get all of his moves correct so I know he must have been concentrating and listening. Smallest only got a few moves wrong and needs to practice which legs and arms he moves but I think they are both doing really well.

They have been asked if they want to try for their yellow stripe. Small does but Smallest is thinking about it, he is worried he won't remember everything. They have to do a presentation in front of the Master and another judge and the parents and they also have to show respect and do chores at home as part of it.

We came home, it was cold today but the sun was out. Smallest finished his lunch in front of the TV. I briefly skyped Moo to tell her I had ordered some shoes but sent them to her neighbour by mistake (how silly am I?). I had lunch and a tidy up and then I helped Smallest wrote a note and draw a picture. Smallest and I had a conversation about Grandmas. He didn't think Moo was his Grandma because we don't call her Grandma, instead we call her Grinmoo (I know it's a strange name but it's a long story), so I explained that when you have children you become a Mum, when your children have children you become a Grandma etc etc. smallest then told me he knew the cycle of a person. "Baby, Toddler, Kid, Teenager, Adult, then you have kids, then you die!" Oh that's nice. I had two and I didn't die! "Oh well that's what happens to Salmon" he said very matter of fact!

I stripped the boys bed and remade them (no tooth anywhere in Smallest's). Then it wasn't long before Small came home and we had a mad dash of snack, swimming gear on, out the door, back in to get fleeces, out the door again, in the car, drive to swimming and relax while lessons went on. Only one more after this one. Both did well. Then we had a mad dash back to the Hamlet for SpringFest at the school. Huffle was already there. We bumped into the 'Jackson Five' family and we hung around with them. we watched Smallest's teacher get dunked...................

Her comment in the second picture was "I'm getting all wet below"

Smallest and EwFive (his friend) didnt want to spend their tickets here but were happy to watch. I got to hold the new Fivebaby (ahhhhhhhh) and we all followed our kids around who very much enjoyed the Reptile room...........

ML: Smallest is telling the reptile lady that he once sat on a Gator's head! She was astonished.

They played in the gym on all the games that got them a prize in the end. A Yoyo and a Slinky - like we don't have enough of those!! I was very disappointed here because my yoga teacher was there and I watched her whisper to her husband who turned and looked at Huffle and I and then turn and whisper in turn to the woman who used to live in our house. I didn't like it. I hate the way they are all so false and fake and whispery!!! I may do my last two exercise classes and not go back. I can't bear bitchiness and two-facedness (is that a word?). However, I did find out that I had won a $20 prize at the Winter Carnival for my soup. WAHOOOOOOOOO.

The boys both tried to dunk a girl that was their lunch monitor. She looked very cold! Then we all had a game of air hockey which was quite funny though MrFive cheated! We were very cold by the end of it, the boys got their slice of pizza and a packet of crisps (very healthy) and we went home. The heating has gone back on.



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Really enjoyed reading this, and the photos r great.