Tuesday, 7 May 2013


I didn't sleep well last night. Too excited? Too worried I wouldn't wake early enough? Whatever it was it was silly because now I am sooooo tired. I woke before Huffle had to get me up. He was suffering with a sore throat. Small got up late and I had to wake Smallest up. Mrs Royal came round early so I could get going (MrsM rang to say the Highway was closed so we would need to go as soon as possible).

We drove almost alongside the lake and I had an Historic guide to the places we passed through. For example, the road we were on used to be the main thoroughfare for the postal service. The horse and cart would carry the post and they would have to stop overnight and change the horses. It was very interesting.

We got to the Royal York Hotel in Downtown Torronto just after 10am. A valet parked our car and the Executive Sous Chef greeted us (English and from Birmingham) and took us up in a lift a few floors and then in another lift to about the 11th floor, then we had to climb the stairs to the 14th floor. The view was spectacular. I could see some of my favourite buildings and the CNTower and the lake.

The rooftop was set out with a pebble floor with slabs in between to walk on. Lots of raised beds (waist high), which made for very good gardening, no sore knees, no aching backs. Perfect. I would love all of our garden to be on this level.

We had the exec chef to help us at first and then he went off for a meeting. We also had the help of another chef, an assistant chef and someone else for the rest of the morning. We worked hard. We weeded, manured, mixed and filled four beds and a several big pots.

We used many different lettuces, Pok Choi, mustard and violas. The idea was to make it look like a mosaic. There is just not enough space to grow enough to use for all their recipes so they have various specials that they offer, for example, ......with rooftop chives. The chefs are responsible for the upkeep of the beds and watering, though we couldn't get the hose to work properly without watering one our ladies.

I pruned the grapes and the rose bush and had a good look at the honey bees there. The honey is used in dressings and is made into a 'stinger' beer. I was told not to go too close as I was wearing black and the bees might think I was a bear trying to steal their honey.

Each of the hives has a different name, Bee and Bee Suite, VIBee Suite, Honeymoon Suite - very cute

I loved gardening there and the Exec Sous Chef said we were to have dinner there so around 1/1:30 we cleared up and made our way down to the dining areas. We we still dressed in our gardening gear and felt a bit silly but they didn't seem to care. They weren't at all pretentious. We all had Fish and Chips because it was in 'stinger' beer batter and we thought that was appropriate. We had a lovely glass of wine and the food was delicious.

We had to come away in the end because I needed to get back in time for the boys getting home otherwise I think we could have sat there all day. The journey home wasn't too bad and we got back in good time. We went back to the Nursery and dropped the stuff off and picked up a plant that one of the ladies had left for me. I popped round to the Royals to thank them for putting the boys on the bus this morning. Their friend 'Prince Phillip' was there with a carrot cake so I stayed for a cup of tea. The boys bus came and I ran out to get them and they came back with me and had a piece of cake. They played a game with Mr Royal and Prince Phillip and then we came home. Mrs Royal and Prince Phillip wandered around our garden and then went home.

Huffle came home after being at the doctors briefly. They wouldn't give him anything because it has only just started but they did swab him. If the swab comes back positive they will phone him but if it is clear they won't bother. I don't know how long he has to wait. I made him gargle salt water and gave him a hearty soup for dinner.

Small had Track and Field today. He came back with four 'enthusiasm' ribbons. He said he didn't do very well and came last or nearly last in all events. He enjoyed it though. I get the feeling that his class didn't do too much practicing.

I have a terrible headache, probably due to the wine at lunch and being in the sun on a roof most of the day. Huffle has gone to bed (7pm) and the boys are definitely going to bed early tonight to catch up. Smallest is very sensitive (tired) and Small keeps arguing and being grumpy (tired).

I shall sit and watch Bomb Girls and Knit. I still can't hear in one ear and I shall be going to the doctors tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed I can hear then!

It is supposed to have been the hottest day so far and Thursday is going to rain. It was certainly a beautiful day and I was in the most beautiful space.

The sky was an amazing colour today


Aunt Pear said...

The bees thinking you might be a Bear made me laugh. Sounded a good day. Small's sports reminded me of Cousin Pest sports day in a lovely way. Fingers xd for Huffle, last thing he need is to be poorly again. xx

AA said...

The hotel looks amazing, looks like you had a grand day out! Hope your ear is back in order.