Thursday, 9 May 2013

Without Doobitee

I woke up this morning to the very loud sound of a bird tweet tweet tweeting. Apparently this bird is always there and is always that loud, however, now my ears are perfectly clear, I can hear every sound, and I mean EVERY sound. It's great but also really loud. Huffle went off to work though his tonsils are still swollen. He should have heard today whether he has an infection or not. He was too busy to ring the docs so I rang and left a message - hopefully they will ring back tomorrow.

Once the boys went off to school, I got my yoga gear on, hopped on my bike and cycled to my class. The Yoga was very hard today, I have been away for about three weeks so I guess that doesn't help. It was very warm and the exercises were tough. I couldn't keep up but I did what I could. The women seemed very loud today, well everything did. Over an hour later and I cycled back home for a quick cup of tea before I left for a long walk in the forest with Mrs Royal and NoCustard.

TL: Trilliums. TR: Forest Path

ML: Tree Blossum.

BL: Green and White Trillium. BR: Looking up to the sky

We were warned that it would thunder, rain and the black flies would eat us (Mrs Royal's advice) but none if it happened, we were lucky. It was very close (the weather not the forest) but the walk was amazing. The trilliums were at their best so at least I got one of my Mothers Day wishes.

many many trilliums

Our walk lasted until gone 1pm and we were tired and hungry by the time we got to the car. We said our goodbyes and drove home. I had lunch and watched a bit of TV. It was very warm outside. I decided to pot some seedlings up and plant some lettuces in the garden. I also planted up a FiddleHead Fern that I 'found' for Huffle whilst in the forest. I'm not sure it has survived the travelling in my hat!

The boys came home, Smallest with a Sunflower seed that I immediately planted for him. Someone on the bus told him he could eat it but he said to me that it had been on the floor for longer than five seconds, maybe even five minutes! He thought better of it. Small chose to plant three of the sunflowers he had grown and we put them in his new garden. We got the presents out that Grandma had left for them, water balloons with a catapult. Muggins here had to fill the balloons up which made me wetter than them but they had fun throwing them at each other.

Top: throwing the water balloons

BL: peas coming through. M: a dandelion (we have far too many of these). BR: Virginia Bluebell from underneath, didn't focus well but got a good shot of the sky.

I came in and made dinner, Small did his homework and then Huffle came home. After dinner all the boys played football but there were too many bugs out for my liking. I was official photographer instead.

Huffle and I did a 'YES' run around the garden. Here are the things that are blooming today.

Dicentra (bleeding hearts).......Tulips....Daffodil


Can't remember the name of the top ones

Virginian Bluebell again....Tulips........Tree



Woodpecker peck peck pecking away at the feeder that Grandad Squirrel proofed (the chipmunks have started climbing the rod that holds the feeder and stealing the seed so yesterday I greased it with oil. Today we watched a baby squirrel attempt to climb it and slide down slowly and gracefully to the bottom - very funny. Huffle thinks the Dad squirrel sent the baby to wipe it clean with his fur so he could have a go).

Things bloom here very quickly. The daffodils seem to stay out longer. The Tulips come out and then fold back gently again and then come out again. Things move so quickly it's unbelievable. We walk around everyday and there is always something new coming up. We seem to have lost the daisies and rudbeckia from last year but have planted more. Maybe they don't come back so readily here. It's a big learning curve and we are enjoying learning. The growing season is obviously much shorter but the quickness with which everything comes through and flowers is incredible. That damn grass needs cutting again. That's not good!

Smallest has just read Mr Greedy to Huffle. One of the words he read was 'Doubt', which he pronounced Doobitee. Love it!


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Aunt Pear said...

Gorgeous photos. I'm off later this afternoon to fetch HB back with most of her stuff. Friday afternoon traffic, oh goody!! Thanks for photo. x