Tuesday, 21 May 2013

One Strep, Two Strep, Three Strep

What an horrendous night. I felt so ill and wanted to go to bed early but a thunder storm started and I knew we wouldn't get to sleep. We went to bed eventually but the storm was very loud and very close. We tried to watch 'My Name is Earl' but couldn't concentrate. I think I fell asleep a few times. Small ended up coming in with us and we started to watch Elf. Smallest slept on obliviously. We drifted in and out of sleep, lots of lashing rain, loud rumbling thunder and cracking lightning plus a quick power cut.

At 2am I had to get up as my throat felt awful. I had a hot drink and watched a bit of TV, some pain killers and went back to bed. Another storm started, or the end of the last one and that kept us awake too. I know we got some sleep, but not sure how much. Now I have just watched the news and it says the Tornado in Oklahoma could have an effect on us in some way, possibly more storms. I saw the ruins of Oklahoma on the news, it was horrific. Those poor people.

Huffle got up and went to work and I took the boys (and the girl across the road) to school as the bus was late and I wanted to get to the doctors. I had rung MM at work and told her I wouldn't be in today. I dropped the boys off at the peck and squeal and went on to the docs. There were about ten others in front of me and a couple of emergencies sneaked in ahead. It didn't take too long though. A nurse checked my symptoms and swabbed my throat. It was positive. I had strep too. I got my antibiotics and came home and had my breakfast and coffee. We were supposed to have rain this morning but though it was humid, we didn't have any.

I went to bed about 1ish feeling very rough. I was woken by very loud rumbles of thunder that didn't seem to stop, just rolling on and on and on and the skies got very dark. I lay there listening for a while getting hotter and hotter and decided to get up but then I was cold! By 3pm it was like nighttime and all the solar lights came on. Then the wind came, then the rain. The thunder shook the house. I didn't like being in there by myself and was preparing for another power cut. What I didn't realise, was that water was covering the basement floor (the finished side not the unfinished). It wasn't until the boys came home telling me all about the storm and asking for meatballs for dinner, that I ventured into the basement to see if I had frozen any. Half of the floor was in a big puddle of water. Huffle had decided we were sleeping in the basement because of the storms coming (he hates the storms, really seriously hates them), but there is no chance now if the water comes through the concrete floor. I mopped all the water up and the boys helped me to move everything that was on the floor. A couple of Smallest's drawings were there and all the colour had run onto the floor, it was very creative!

Once we finished we went back upstairs, I defrosted their meatballs and opened all the windows and doors again (it had gone very humid). Our next door neighbour 'stepbrother1' came round to see if we had lost some plastic tables in the storm as they had blown over his fence. The boys played on the computer and Huffle rang to say he would be home as quickly as possible.

Huffle and the boys had dinner and then we had to do some more mopping, it seems the water isn't coming up through the concrete but through the window and down the wall. My dinner was an ice pole.

Cubs was cancelled so we all played Ticket to Ride and then the kids watched TV before bed. We have had more storms and more rain. I think we are in for a rough night.


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Sarah Tomson said...

Oh no more strep - too much kissing at your house!! Hope you feel better soon

I don't like storms and hate it that they are always louder at night - on holiday in a caravan in Great Yarmouth last year and there was a storm it was so noisy the girls were terrified so we were so pleased when it died down