Sunday, 26 May 2013

Forest Foraging

Huffle again jumped out of bed this morning. We didn't wake till 8:30am and Smallest had to be at a party at 10am, so we all got up (Smallest was already up), got him his breakfast and sent him off to get ready. He came down in a very interesting outfit which we didn't think was appropriate so we sent him back up. It took a while to get the outfit just right. Meanwhile we had a text and email from Small's friend's dad saying they had had a good time, they slept in the tents without getting cold, had breakfast and could we collect them.......... Huffle ran off to get Small while I tried to tame Smallest's hair. I drove him to his party, left him and drove home.

The party girl's cake

Small had had a fabulous time. Laser Tag, BBQ, Campfire, Camping overnight and a huge breakfast. He was tired as he had woken at 5:30am!

Huffle went off to a DIY place to get some trellis so we could mend the pool fence. While we were measuring we realised the pool water had gone down considerably from when I filled mid week. I rang the pool place and left a message for them to ring me. They didn't. I rang again and they said they would ring me. They didn't. I wasn't happy! Small and I cycled down to the party and picked up Smallest and we all scooted and biked home. Smallest had had a great time too. An obstacle course, a mud garden made of choc cake, sauce, jelly worms a ladybird biscuit which they made, a coloured in magnet and a goody bag. He had eaten a hotdog and cake was very full. We all played in the garden waiting for Huffle to come home. He got home eventually with the trellis tied to the roof. He had to drive extra slow because it was flapping in the wind!

We had a quick sandwich in the sunshine for lunch and then the boys played on the computer while Huffle and I put the trellis up. It looks quite good. Shame the pool is not up and running.

Everyone was tired and tempers were a little frayed today so I decided we would go out for a walk. We went back to Whitevale, grabbed an ice cream and took the boys into the forest. They loved it. They climbed trees...........

.....Found sticks, ran around, jumped,

argued a bit, got separated.............

.........were friends again, jumped, ran, fell over. It is a lovely place and Huffle and I found a few things we liked and brought them home. SSSHhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This forest was full of different trilliums. Colours we haven't noticed before.

We walked quite a way and then turned around and walked back.

The boys played on the park for a while and then we went to find somewhere to eat. I remembered a lovely Italian where Grandma and I had a girly lunch whilst shopping, so we ate there. Lovely proper Italian wood fired pizza.

We were fairly close to the lake so we decided to go to the beach. We parked up and had a lovely walk along the lakes edge.

The boys scooted perilously. Then we had another play on another park before heading off home,

What was supposed to be a quiet day at home has turned into a busy activity filled day. It's been great.

They boys went straight to bed. Huffle and I drank tea and watched The Voice.




Aunt Pear said...

Love the photos, esp the last one.

AA said...

That's a lot to do in a day! We've had a lovely sunny warm bank holiday weekend. Not often we get to say that!!