Saturday, 18 May 2013

Gelato's in the post

Today we had a lazy morning. Breakfast, Skype with Grandma and Grandad, boys playing on the computer, Huffle painting the white bits on our porch and I undid my whole sleeve of knitting and started again (too big). I sat in the sun with my factor60 on and my big sun hat listening to Otto mowing his lawn. I also made my mosquito trap and so far nothing has been caught but I haven't been bitten! By 1pm we all set out for Unionville, about a thirty minute drive away, for lunch.

Unionville is a lovely place.

We came here two years ago when Huffle had his interview. After it was all over (interview and hob-nobbing) we had a few days to ourselves to explore the area. There was a Jazz Festival on and we really liked it here. So we thought we would bring the boys here and see what they thought. We ate outside at a pub/pizza place. Huffle had a Bison Burger, the boys shared a Pizza and I had Gnocchi. It was yum.

Then we walked down the Main Street and got ice creams and sat in the park in the sunshine. It was glorious. (Mrs Rumbleskin - it was 23* but felt much warmer).

Devils chocolate.....baileys

We had a little potter around and as we were getting in the car I noticed a walkway so I persuaded the others to come. It was a little walk through trees (ahhh bliss) along a meandering stream and across two bridges where we stopped to play pooh sticks. Lovely place.

We drove home via a new Nursery we found. It was in a gorgeous setting surrounded by fields of donkeys, llama, alpacas, and miniature horses which they bred. It was newly opened and didn't have a great deal of plants there (a bit pricey too) but I think we will go back.

We came home. The boys played football and then we all went for a quick bike ride around the garden and then out and along the road (Smallest abandoned his bike for his beloved scooter).

We packed everything away and came in for tea and the rest of Iron Man2. Smallest says we can go and watch it at the cinema now but I think it's a 12, we will never get Smallest in even if we punk his hair up (what we do when we try and get him on a bigger ride anywhere). Huffle and I played Ticket to Ride out on the porch listening to music while the boys watched TV, argued, got sent to their rooms, played on their own and then went to bed. I read Harry Potter and Mr Daydream.

Huffle and I are about to watch the second instalment of the finale of Elementary. Very good, bit scary (for me), can't watch it just before bed though!


Some flowers from our garden and a couple of dandelions from our walk.


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